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TruckX ELD Review: 2023 Pricing & Features Comparison

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TruckX is an affordable ELD manufacturer based in California. As one of the only ELD providers to offer free hardware with a subscription, TruckX is one of the cheapest ELD solutions on the market.  It also offers a premium ELD with higher pricing. The company was founded in 2016. It currently supplies ELD to some 30,000+ drivers across North America. While TruckX is a budget option, the brand stands out with high praise from drivers and fleet managers alike.  

TruckX delivers two ELD devices, a Bluetooth ELD and a wired tablet. Both support standard ELD functions like logbooks, HOS and DOT compliance, IFTA fuel tax calculations, GPS tracking, and alerts to drivers. TruckX also delivers a dispatch messenger solution. The brand offers monthly pricing ranging from $18-$40 per month. Bluetooth hardware is free with a subscription. The wired tablet costs $450 upfront. Both devices are FMCSA registered and fully DOT/HSA .

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This TruckX review will cover the brand, its pricing, devices, software, and features. Hopefully, it will help you decide if TruckX is the right ELD provider for your fleet.  


TruckX Pricing

Device  Cost  1 Month Subscription  1 Year Subscription  
Bluetooth ELD  Free $18-$30 $216-$360 
Wired ELD Tablet  $450 $40 $480 

TruckX costs range from very budget to upper mid-range. The budget ELD plugs into the OBDII port and transmits data to the driver’s phone over Bluetooth. The device is free with a subscription. Subscriptions are available with quarterly or yearly contracts. You get a 10% discount on the yearly contract. The budget edition offers 3 subscription options:  

Standard – At $18-$20 per month, including hardware, this is one of the cheapest ELD options on the market. The Standard subscription includes DVIR, ELD compliance with HOS logs, and a cloud portal for dispatch use. The TruckX ELD software subscription does not include mobile data.  

Premium – The Premium subscription offers everything from Standard. You also get a mobile app for dispatchers and real-time GPS tracking. It costs $22.50-$25 per month.  

Premium Plus – Premium plus costs $28-$30 per month and offers IFTA fuel tax tracking.  

The brand offers vehicle diagnostics and idle time tracking with all subscriptions from end 2020 onward 

TruckX offers a separate subscription for its wired ELD tablet. This ruggedized tablet costs $450 upfront and $40 per month. The subscription includes everything from the Premium Plus subscription as well as a data plan.  

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TruckX Bluetooth ELD  

The TruckX Bluetooth ELD is a budget device designed to offer low-cost HOS compliance. TruckX’s ELD plugs into the OBD-II port/diagnostics port of most vehicle types. The TruckX ELD device comes with a 9-pin adaptor. If you need a 6-pin or 16-pin, you will have to pay $29-$49 extra per vehicle for the adaptor. The device transmits data over Bluetooth to the driver’s phone or to a GPS enabled tablet.  

The TruckX Bluetooth ELD is fully FMSCA certified and ELD compliant, providing it is paired with a mobile phone using TruckX’s Logbook app. While the device is free with a subscription, you have to pay for data usage on your own phone. The App and Bluetooth ELD combo support logs, DVIRs, IFTA fuel tracking, GPS (if your phone is GPS capable), HOS status, HOS violation alerts, dispatch communication, and an administrator portal.  

  • ELD Compliance  
  • DOT Compliance  
  • DVIRs 
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Calculation  
  • Bluetooth  
  • 6-pin, 9-pin, & 16-pin diagnostics port connectivity  
  • FMSCA Registered 
  • Offline mode  

TruckX Wired ELD Tablet  

The TruckX Wired ELD Tablet is a standalone ELD device, complete with display, dashboard mount, and ELD. The ELD plugs into the diagnostics port and communicates with the ruggedized tablet via a wired connection. The Wired ELD tablet costs $450 upfront but you will not need anything else for full ELD compliance.  

  • ELD Compliance  
  • DOT Compliance 
  • DVIRs 
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Tracking  
  • GPS Tracking  
  • Ruggedized, Sun-resistant tablet  
  • Unlocking dock  
  • 5 Hours of Battery Life 
  • 6-pin, 9-pin, & 16-pin diagnostics port connectivity  
  • Offline mode  

The tablet removes from the dashboard dock for DOT inspections. It offers 4-5 hours of battery life. The $40 per month subscription includes everything offered by the Bluetooth ELD plus a data subscription.  

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TruckX Features and Benefits  

TruckX is one of the most popular ELD solutions for small fleets and owner operators. With a combination of budget ELD and high-end solutions, it offers something for everyone. TruckX does focus heavily On ELD solutions, without any of the extensive fleet management solutions offered by some competitors. However, this simple approach to ELD makes it incredibly user friendly. As a result, the brand is one of the best-reviewed ELD providers on the market.  

HOS Logbook  

TruckX offers a mobile app and integrated tablet solution for electronic logging. The app is free to download for Android and iOS devices. It pairs with the TruckX ELD device to offer a fully ELD mandate compliant solution. The app automatically logs hours of service when the truck moves about 5mph. TruckX also automatically switches status to “On Duty” rather than “driving” when the vehicle is stopped. Unlike most competitors, TruckX does not incorporate a codriver function.  

Drivers can review and sign logs daily to approve them. Drivers and dispatch will receive real-time alerts when HOS violations are imminent.  

DOT Compliance  

TruckX offers a DOT Inspection mode for both its devices. Drivers simply pick up their phone or the tablet, tap “DOT Inspection” and hand the device to the officer. The app shows logs and offers one-click options to send ELD logs directly to the FMSCA.  

Mobile Dispatch  

Dispatch can view truck status, HOS status, and drivers in real-time in the web portal. They can also assign dispatch through the app. This makes it easy to send alerts and pickup requests to drivers, based on their available driving time.  

IFTA Fuel Tax 

TruckX automatically collects miles driven per jurisdiction, which dispatch can export for IFTA fuel tax reports. The newest version of the app also allows drivers to upload fuel receipts. However, like competing IFTA solutions, dispatch still has to finalize IFTA reports on their own.  

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GPS Tracking  

GPS tracking is an optional feature, which you can disable for any device. This feature allows dispatch to see the real-time location and historic route of the vehicle. If you are using the Bluetooth ELD, this feature uses GPS on the driver’s phone.  

Administrator Portal  

Dispatch can log into a web portal to see vehicles, driver status, and HOS status in real-time. This makes it easy to keep up with ELD compliance. Dispatch can also use the portal to track driver status, to send dispatch alerts, and to choose drivers for jobs based on hours remaining.  


Drivers are automatically asked to fill out Vehicle Inspection Reports for pre and post trips. Datastores on the mobile device and in the cloud, where dispatch can flag items and request a mechanic for violations. TruckX is working on a new feature that integrates diagnostics data from the vehicle.  

Plug & Play Installation  

The TruckX ELD device is plug and play. TruckX claims installation takes an average of 5 minutes. This means you can quickly install the device into a vehicle and move vehicles if desired.  

Offline Mode  

All TruckX ELD devices offer offline mode. This means you can store data on the device or mobile phone when a data connection is not available and upload it when you return to a service area. Vehicles in offline mode do not offer GPS tracking or dispatch.  

Installation Process of TruckX ELD Devices 

TruckX offers two ELD devices. Both install in very similar ways. However, if you have the ruggedized tablet, you will have to take extra steps.  

  1. Park the vehicle outdoors and turn the engine off  
  2. Find the vehicle diagnostics port 
  3. Plug the ELD device into the diagnostics port  
  4. If you have the Bluetooth ELD device, skip forward to step 8 
  5. Mount the docking station onto the dashboard. TruckX uses a backplate and screws, so this may require some dashboard disassembly  
  6. Lock the tablet into place  
  7. Run the ELD cable over the dashboard and plug it into the tablet.  
  8. Turn the vehicle on and allow it to idle  
  9. Make sure dispatch has added the driver into the software 
  10. Download the app/turn on the tablet  
  11. Enter the driver’s phone number and wait for verification  
  12. Set PIN code and log in  
  13. The app will automatically import vehicle information including VIN number.  
  14. Dispatch can further edit data from the cloud  

The Bluetooth ELD automatically searches out the nearby app. It should connect to a nearby phone without about 5 minutes of the vehicle being on.  

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TruckX ELD Reviews & Ratings

TruckX is used by about 30,000 drivers, most of which are small fleets and owner/operators. The ELD provider does not offer many of the features, like dashcams, smaller fleet drivers find to be invasive. This, plus the brand’s reputation for quality and affordable pricing, make TruckX immensely popular. The brand is one of the only ELD providers to maintain an almost 5-star rating on every platform it is on. Drivers praise the app’s ease of use, simplicity, and quality. Many also like the HOS function, which supports complex sleeper rules, predicts schedules, and shows when and where drivers can drive under HOS rules. Dispatch and drivers praise TruckX for fast and quality customer service. Many even claim it’s the best ELD solution they’ve used 

TruckX offers a very simple but strong ELD solution with HOS, GPS, and IFTA. With no other features to complicate the service, TruckX is simple and easy to use. It also offers one of the most affordable BYOD solutions on the market. This, as well as quality service and functionality, make TruckX a quality choice for any small fleet or Owner/Operator.  

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