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Top 51 Best GPS Tracking Companies: 2023 System Comparison

GPS tracking solutions are a key part of most modern fleet management. Dispatch needs a GPS tracking system to manage vehicles, provide customers with arrival estimates, etc. Tracking fleet location is also essential to theft prevention. Plus, most GPS allows you to track vehicle locations, speed, and sudden stops. That’s useful for insurance, fleet maintenance data, and tracking how drivers use the vehicles. Many GPS solutions also offer full fleet management. That might mean integrating ELDs and DVIRs into the solution. It might also mean adding Geofencing, cameras, and other features. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s likely an overwhelming variety of choice. Today, there are hundreds of choices available. In fact, there are over 400 fleet management solutions with GPS in the U.S.

Most importantly, GPS tracking companies cater to fleets of every size. Today’s software companies make solutions at every price range. You can also get anything from simple standalone GPS tracking to high-end full fleet management. Choosing one will almost always depend on setting a budget. You’ll also have to look at how features will play a role in your company. For example, if driver training will save you money, you likely want it. On the other hand, if you have a small fleet – simple GPS tracking might be all you need. 

The table below is a list of top vehicle tracking companies & service providers operating in the US market.

Company Upfront CostsMonthly Cost Per Vehicle *
Keeptruckin  Not listedNot listed
Samsara  Not listedNot listed
Agile FleetCommanderNone$23.95
AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions) $125-$0$17.30-$19.99
AT&T Fleet Complete  $80$14.99
Atti Fleet Tracking  Not listedNot listed
Automile $99-$199$19.90-$25.90
AwareGPS $69.99$11.99
Azuga    Not listedNot listed
Brickhouse Security   $12.99$29.99
Bridgehaul  None$17.50 
BTracking  $169$18.75-$19.85
CarrierWeb $700Not listed
Clearpath GPS None$20-$25 
Coretex   $200-$350Not listed
Enterprise Fleet ManagementNot listedNot listed
FleetCommanderNot listedNot listed
Fleetlocate by SpireonNot listedNot listed
EagleiNot listedNot listed
Geotab   $99Not listed
goFleet    Not listed$10-$100
GPS Insight Not listedNot listed
InTouchGPS  Not listedNot listed
ITS Dispatch  Not listedNot listed
Linxup  $69$19.50-$23
Lytx   Not listedNot listed
MerchantsFleet Not listedNot listed
Navistream  Not listed$35
NexTraqNot listedNot listed
Omnitracs   Not listedNot listed
One Step GPS  Not listed$13.95
OnFleet$149.99Not listed
PCS AT&MNot listedNot listed
Phantom Insight  Not listedNot listed
Rand McNally   $149-$399.99Not listed
Rhino Fleet Tracking   None$16.95
Switchboard   None$20
Teletrac Navman   Not listedNot listed
TitanGPS   Not listedNot listed
Track Your Truck   None$14.99
Transflo   Not listedNot listed
Trimble Fleet Management   Not listedNot listed
TripLog  None$6.99
TruckSPyNot listedNot listed
US Fleet Tracking   $129-$289$29.95-$39.95
Verizon Connect    Not listedNot listed
Webfleet Not listedNot listed
Wialon  Not listedNot listed
Zonar Systems   $264-$840Not listed
Zubie   None$18-$27

Below we’ve written a profile on each GPS fleet tracking company in more detail. Companies are ranked in alphabetical order. Companies are in no way ranked from best to worst or vice versa. 


1. KeepTruckin   

KeepTruckin is a GPS tracking and fleet management system. It’s also one of the most popular in the U.S., with over 55,000 fleets using its software. Plus, KeepTruckin offers complete ELD compliance as well. 

  • Track fleet location for powered and non-powered vehicles
  • Plug-in GPS trackers with anti-tampering 
  • Geofencing capabilities 
  • Real-time vehicle alerts
  • Fleet utilization trackers and tools 
  • Give customers track & trace links 
  • Integrate dispatch & routing with route optimization 
  • Speed & driver behavior tracking 
  • Fleet View for dispatch with a free app 
  • Pricing available on request 

KeepTruckin website 

2. Samsara   

Samsara is one of the largest fleet management platforms in the world. It also offers GPS tracking for trucking companies. That makes Samsara one of the best options for big fleets looking for full fleet management. 

  • Real-time fleet tracking 
  • Helicopter view to track live vehicle location on maps 
  • GPS tracker connects over LTE connection 
  • Plugs into vehicle diagnostics 
  • Geofence alerts
  • Activity reports such as Time on Site, Abnormal Activity, Speeding, etc. 
  • Dispatch optimization with fleet, weather, and traffic data 
  • Pair fuel usage with GPS data to reduce total costs 
  • Driver management
  • Open API 

Samsara website 

3. AutoConnect GPS

AutoConnect GPS offers dedicated GPS tracking products. It also scales from 1 to 1000+ vehicles per fleet. That makes AutoConnect an ideal solution for fleets in need of lightweight GPS tracking without DVIRs or ELogs. 

  • Plug & Play Vehicle Diagnostics Tracker costs $49.95 
  • Live Tracking with real-time alerts
  • Geofencing 
  • Reporting (driver location, unusual behavior, speeding, etc.) 
  • Vehicle health monitoring 
  • Integrates into dispatch tools for better management 
  • Delivers route optimization and idle time reporting 
  • Cloud-based central management platform 
  • Free mobile app 
  • No contract/monthly contract starting at $23.95 per month per vehicle 

AutoConnect Website 

4. Asset Monitoring Solutions

AMS is an international fleet management provider. It also offers over 5 different automobile trackers. Plus, with real-time data and international coverage, AMS has a lot to offer. 

  • Multi-roaming SIM-card equipped GPS trackers
  • GPS trackers feature internal antennas for improved tracking 
  • Live tracking data via the cloud app 
  • Vehicle usage reports
  • Geofencing 
  • Non-powered GPS trackers with daily ping functionality 
  • Driver feedback tracking 
  • Dispatch integration 
  • Costs from $17.30 with an upfront cost of $125 or $19.99 and no upfront costs with a 36-month contract

AMS Website 

5. AT&T Fleet Complete   

AT&T is one of the largest telecoms providers in the world. But, it delivers a strong GPS tracking system – ideal for fleets of every size. AT&T Fleet Complete also offers a range of fleet management tooling for dispatch and drivers. 

  • GPS tracking 
  • Vehicles are pinged every 2 minutes 
  • All plans include 2mb of data transfer 
  • Route optimization tooling 
  • Track fleet usage and map it to fuel usage 
  • Cloud dashboard for fleet tracking 
  • Map driver behavior 
  • Set up alerts (geofence, harsh driving events, arrival/departure)
  • Fleet utilization data
  • GPS trackers cost $14.99 per month + $80 hardware fee (with 2mb of data)

AT&T Fleet Complete website 

6. ATTI Fleet Tracking   

Advance Tracking Technologies (ATTI) offers dedicated GPS tracking services designed for fleets. In addition, the company offers shadow trackers, which the driver will not know about. ATTI also offers full-service coverage across the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. 

  • Plug and Play or Hardwired trackers available 
  • GPS trackers share data over LTE 
  • Trackers ping trucks every 10 seconds for near-real-time tracking 
  • Cloud dashboard 
  • Tamper alerts and tamper prevention 
  • Set up speed, idle, and location alerts
  • Custom solutions for different types of fleets 
  • Pricing is available on request 

ATTI Website 

7. Automile  

Automile is a full-service fleet and ELD solution with fleet tracking. The company stands out with exceptionally transparent pricing. Plus, they offer multiple GPS trackers, including non-powered options. 

  • Plug and Play or hardwired GPS devices
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Schedule reports on driver location, behavior, etc. 
  • Schedule alerts before arrival/drop-off
  • Track idle time 
  • Map fuel usage to GPS data 
  • Tampering and disconnect alerts
  • Driver ID and RFID and MIFARE available 
  • Costs $19.90-$25.90 per month
  • GPS devices cost $99-$199 

Automile Website  

8. AwareGPS 

AwareGPS offers GPS fleet tracking for small and mixed fleets.  The brand offers affordable but simple services, paired with mobile apps. That makes the company ideal for small fleets, owner-operators, and mixed delivery. 

  • Plug & Play or Hardwired GPS tracker
  • GPS pings 1x per minute 
  • Equipment and non-powered vehicle trackers available 
  • Transfers data over LTE
  • Free mobile app 
  • Trailer tracking 
  • Supports Geofencing 
  • Automated alerts for tampering, speeding, and unauthorized vehicle use 
  • Driver safety report cards
  • Interactive route replay with satellite or street view
  • Costs $11.99 per month 
  • The GPS tracker is $69.99

AwareGPS website 

9. Azuga     

Azuga offers GPS trucking tracking tooling designed around driver behavior and optimization. 

  • GPS tracking pinged every 20 seconds 
  • Idle time tracking 
  • Tracks driving events like speeding, sudden acceleration, and hard breaking 
  • Tracks mileage by state
  • Track driver mileage across vehicles 
  • Link dispatch to choose the best vehicles for a load 
  • Non-powered asset trackers 
  • Temperature sensors for refrigerated truck tracking 
  • Pricing is customized to the fleet

Azuga website 

10. BrickHouse Security   

BrickHouse Security is most known for delivering trackers to the New York State Police. However, the company also offers one of the lowest-cost vehicle tracking products on the market. Plus, with no-to-low monthly fees, this solution is ideal for fleets with a budget. 

  • GPS tracking suitable for 1-1000+ vehicles 
  • Plug and play or hardwire devices
  • Live tracking with instant alerts 
  • International tracking capabilities 
  • GPS trackers transmit over LTE
  • Free app + cloud dashboard for dispatch 
  • Geofencing, route optimization, and trip reporting 
  • Costs $12.99 per month for the cloud dashboard
  • GPS trackers cost an average of $29.99 each 

BrickHouse Security Website 

11. Bridgehaul   

Bridgehaul is a vehicle tracking company centered around dispatch and load management. This means all GPS toolign involves load management, IFTA, and arrival times. That makes this solution ideal for carriers, shippers, and fleets that take on small loads for diverse companies. 

  • No dedicated GPS tracking available, you’ll have to choose the BlueLink ELD 
  • Free app 
  • Plug & Play Tracker 
  • Links to dispatch 
  • Route optimization 
  • Integrated load dispatch and tracking 
  • See Real-Time ETAs for trips 
  • Cloud-based tracking 
  • Costs from $17.50 per month 

Bridgehaul website 

12. BTracking  

BTtracking offers offsite GPS tracking for most types of fleets. It’s also ideal for small-to-mid-size fleets looking for a full tracking solution. In addition, BT offers full ELD, driver tracking, and DVIRs. 

  • Plug & play device costs from $169 
  • 11-input/5 output for compatibility with nearly every vehicle on the market 
  • Key Fob HID and RFID driver identification 
  • Includes a full range of sensors for refrigerated trucks, custom cargo, etc. 
  • GPS pings ever minute when moving and every 6 hours when stopped
  • Idle time and time on location tracking 
  • Links to peripherals like Android, Magellan, Garmin, TomTom, MDT, etc. 
  • Driving event tracking & notifications 
  • Geofencing 
  • Costs $19.95 per month with no contract or $18.79 per month with a minimum of 5 vehicles 

BTracking Website 

13. CarrierWeb   

CarrierWeb’s business GPS systems track thousands of fleets across North America and Europe. In addition, CarrierWeb offers a full-service fleet tracking and ELD. That makes CarrierWeb a perfect solution for mid-size, international fleets. 

  • Plug & Play GPS costs $700 
  • Integrated routing and on-board display with CarrierMate
  • Plans vary in cost but include unlimited LTE data 
  • Optional navigation 
  • Map driver performance to GPS data and fuel consumption 
  • Set geofences and track arrival/departure/leaving designated routes 
  • GPS pings truck location every minute
  • Set automated reports for trucks or trailers
  • Get helicopter view to see actual driver route 

CarrierWeb website 

14. ClearpathGPS   

ClearpathGPS is a GPS tracking provider with simple pricing, integrations, and an open API. In addition, the provider offers extras like reporting, dashcams, and operations management. That makes it a perfect fit for mid-size fleets. 

  • Powered and non-powered vehicle trackers
  • GPS tracking with near-real-time pinging at 30 seconds 
  • Plug & Play or hardwire trackers 
  • Geofencing 
  • Free app 
  • Live map with traffic overlay 
  • Arrival and departure reporting 
  • Odometer mapping
  • Idle time and time on location tracking 
  • Costs $20-$25 per month, per vehicle. 

ClearPathGPS website 

15. Coretex   

Coretex is a popular fleet management solution for SME fleets. The company’s GPS tracking products offer a full range of features including adjustable KPIs. Coretex offers cold tracking, proof of service, and non-fueled asset management on a single platform. 

  • Powered and non-powered GPS devices 
  • Geofencing and tracking 
  • Set KPIs and reports per geofence 
  • Set up alerts for timeout, entering geofenced areas, speeding, etc. 
  • GPS pings every 30 seconds 
  • Full fleet management maps or individual vehicle tracking 
  • Monitor driver behavior mapped to GPS 
  • Dashcams link to GPS for full replay of any trip 
  • Coretex Drive costs $200-$350 upfront 
  • Monthly costs average $46 

Coretex Website 

16. Enterprise Fleet Management   

Enterprise Fleet Management offers company vehicle GPS tracking for fleets of every size and type.  Plus, as a relatively smaller fleet management company, EFM delivers a smaller-business approach. That makes this fleet management company ideal for mid-size, mixed fleets.

  • Plug and play GPS with telematics 
  • Client Strategy manager to deliver real-time vehicle tracking to clients
  • GPS location, speed, fuel usage, and engine performance tracked
  • 24/7 fleet management 
  • Customizable solutions per fleet
  • Uses Geotab software 
  • Pricing customized to the fleet

Enterprise Fleet Management website 

17. EROAD 

EROAD offers one of the most popular low-cost ELD solutions. It also delivers extensive GPS fleet tracking, with current and location history tracked. Plus, EROAD delivers LED devices so drivers don’t have to use screens for route management. 

  • Powered GPS devices fitted with LED screens
  • Plug and play and hardware solutions available 
  • GPS integrates into dispatch to aid in driver selection and load distribution 
  • Route optimization for fuel cost and time wastage 
  • GPS data integrates into fuel tax reporting 
  • Off-road and nonpowered asset trackers available 
  • One device for all vehicle needs (FMSCA ELD compliance, HOS, DVIRs, GPS tracking) 
  • Costs $35-$60 per month 

EROAD website 

18. FleetCommander by Agile Fleet 

FleetCommander is a GPS fleet tracking solution for managing, optimizing, and right sizing your fleet. In addition, FleetCommander is not suitable for fleets with less than 30 vehicles. However, it is ideal for mid-to-large fleets looking to cut costs. 

  • Plug & Play GPS Tracking 
  • Geofencing 
  • Idle time tracking 
  • Right-sizing based on fleet utilization 
  • Fleet cost management 
  • Route optimization 
  • Motor pooling & Dispatch routing 
  • Pricing scaled to the fleet

FleetCommander website 

19. Fleetlocate by Spireon

Spireon’s Fleetlocate is a GPS fleet tracking platform with full-service fleet management. Spireon offers ideal solutions for mid-size fleets including driver safety. 

  • Plug and play GPS tracking 
  • GPS pings vehicles every 30 seconds 
  • Free driver app 
  • Cloud tracking 
  • Real-time GPS tracking with helicopter view 
  • Track driver behavior with speeding events and harsh braking events
  • See fleet overviews and flags for abnormal behavior 
  • Tracks driver stops to verify loan stipulations 
  • AI automatically switches modes to save battery life 
  • Real-time recovery lot tracking 
  • Integrated impound lot service sends alerts when a vehicle is impounded
  • OEM solutions for Ford and GM 

FleetLocate website 

20. EAGLEi Tracking  

EAGLEi is popular for its vehicle tracking solutions as well as for trailer and vehicle security. This, plus a variety of sensors and trackers make EAGLEi a good choice for small-to-mid-size fleets. That’s especially true if you’re hauling sensitive cargo. 

  • Real-time GPS tracking 
  • Plug & play GPS device
  • Tracking for powered and non-powered vehicles 
  • Automate anti-theft solutions such as disabling the ignition if the vehicle leaves approved areas
  • Driver tracking 
  • Link reports to real-time vehicle location 
  • Pricing available on request 

EAGLEi Website 

21. Geotab   

Geotab is one of the most popular GPS tracking companies in the USA. In fact, its software and hardware are used by dozens of competitors. With over 2 million telematics devices on the road, Geotab is a proven top choice for any fleet. 

  • Powered and non-powered GPS tracking 
  • GPS history 
  • Private mode for drivers to use vehicles on personal time 
  • Trip optimization 
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Compare actual versus planned routes 
  • Dozens of add-ons and integrations for dispatch 
  • Compatible with most vehicles and OEM telematics 
  • Real-time trailer tracking available 
  • Devices cost from $99 per vehicle 

Geotab Website 

22. goFleet    

goFleet is one of the best GPS tracking solutions for multi-industry fleets. For example, goFleet offers airport, warehouse, and other industry tracking solutions. The brand also services over 2 million vehicles in North America. 

  • Plug and play GPS device
  • Deliver customer-facing delivery details 
  • Build custom reports with workflows 
  • Set up alerts for geofences, safety, and routing 
  • Track trip speed, idle time, and trip distance versus distance travelled
  • Trip ETAs updated in real-time
  • Device offers IOX expandability for dozens of additional features
  • Data is accessible via a cloud portal 
  • GPS is transmitted over LTE 
  • Subscriptions cost $10-$100 per vehicle depending on services

goFleet Website 

23. GPS Insight 

GPS Insight delivers fleet vehicle gps tracking systems for trucking, equipment, and trailers. While specializing in GPS, it also offers full ELD. 

  • Plug and play or hardwire GPS trackers
  • Trailer trackers 
  • Asset and heavy machinery trackers
  • GPS pings set to every 30 seconds 
  • View real-time route and playback routes in street view or satellite view 
  • Set geofences with exit/entry alerts
  • Monitor driving speed and incidents 
  • Track parked and utilized trailers and link trailers to specific drop-offs
  • Link Bluetooth Driver ID to connect GPS to drivers 

GPS Insights website 

24. InTouch GPS  

InTouch GPS offers simple GPS tracking solutions complete with multiple devices and plans. Plus, InTouch GPS delivers full ELD, dashcams, and other fleet management hardware. 

  • Plug and play GPS 
  • Powered and non-powered trackers available 
  • Geofencing solutions 
  • Set up alerts for driver behaviors like speeding, harsh braking, etc. 
  • Shares data to a display or over Bluetooth 
  • Tamper alerts 
  • Robust and water resistant trackers available 

InTouch GPS website 

25. InfoTrack 

InfoTrack is a VTS company offering full fleet management solutions. Its real-time GPS tracker integrates into some of the most popular telematics and fleet management software out there. Plus, with work force management, security, and other tooling, InfoTrack can provide a full suite of software. 

  • Plug & Play GPS 
  • Trip Scheduling 
  • Odometer readings and invoicing built-in 
  • Real-time fleet tracking with past and current route history 
  • Route comparisons and optimization 
  • Driver performance monitoring 
  • GPRS communications with SMS capability over LTE 
  • Cloud dashboard 

InfoTrack website 

26. Linxup  

Linxup is a GPS service provider ideal for small-to-mid-size fleets. It offers transparent pricing, quality devices, and simple telematics. That makes it perfect for smaller fleets looking for one, simple solution. 

  • Plug and play or wired GPS devices
  • Non-powered asset trackers are available 
  • GPS devices cost $69 or are free with a 3-year contract
  • Costs range from 19.50-$23 per month 
  • GPS track and trace (Deliverable to customers) 
  • Geofences 
  • Alerts for driver behavior 
  • Odometer tracking 
  • Customer management and location for load and route management 
  • Route optimization 
  • Integrated dispatch 

Linxup website 

27. Lytx  

Lytx offers company vehicle tracking devices designed for video. That allows dispatch and fleet managers to view up to 100 hours of actual routes. This is useful for theft prevention, vehicle recovery, and route optimization. 

  • Plug and play GPS devices
  • GPS devices with integrated dashcam 
  • Driver route optimization 
  • Real-time GPS with 10-30 second pings 
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Integration into dozens of dispatch systems + an open API 
  • Route replay with live video capabilities 
  • Custom reporting 
  • Live video streaming over LTE 

Lytx website 

28. Merchants Fleet 

Merchants Fleet specializes in fleet delivery and management. Plus, they have custom solutions for delivery vans and vehicles. It also offers GPS fleet tracking for every type of fleet. 

  • Plug & Play GPS devices
  • Real-time and historic route data
  • Monitor trip data over time 
  • Collect driver behavior data 
  • set up alerts for speeding, harsh braking, and other events
  • Geofencing 
  • Free app 
  • Full integration into ELD 

Merchants Fleet website 

29. Navistream  

Navistream delivers GPS tracking services with fleet management, optimization, and automated workflows. It’s also a full LED display GPS tracker, ideal for ELD compliance without requiring drivers to bring their own device. 

  • Plug and play GPS 
  • ELD compliance built-in with screen and vehicle diagnostics
  • Routing tracking 
  • Integrated delay management and rerouting 
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Driver behavior tracking for speeding, harsh braking events, etc. 
  • Idle time tracking 
  • Integration into dispatch management 
  • Costs from $35 per month 

Navistream website 

30. NexTraq 

NexTraq is the Michel Group’s GPS tracking technology. That means NexTraq offers service locations across the U.S. 

  • Powered and non-powered GPS units available 
  • 3 GPS options for light, heavy, and advanced tracking 
  • Choose engine diagnostics or Engine Control 
  • GPS data shared over LTE 
  • Real-time fleet tracking 
  • See one vehicle or the full fleet
  • Map GPS locations to dispatch for better vehicle utilization 
  • Integrated route optimization 
  • Pricing available on request 

NexTraq Website 

31. Omnitracs   

Omnitracs is one of the largest fleet management solutions available. Its GPS tracking technology includes mapping, navigation, and tracking. In addition, Omnitracs often uses hardware like QUALCOMM GPS units with their software, so you have a range of options available. 

  • Real-time GPS tracking with 10, 30, or 60 second pings available 
  • Multiple branded and OEM GPS trackers available including the Omnitracs IVG 
  • Real-time routing tools for in-cab use 
  • Link GPS to dispatch to optimize routes and orders 
  • Link GPS to backend and connect routes and delays to costs 
  • See vehicles in real time via satellite, hybrid, and street map views
  • Deliver real-time ETAs to customers 
  • Track powered and non-powered assets

Omnitracs Website 

32. is a low-cost GPS provider delivering tracking for small-to-mid-size fleets. In addition, the brand is one of the most cost-effective on the market, with total pricing starting at $13.95 per month including hardware. 

  • Hardwired, plug and play, and rugged GPS available 
  • GPS pings customizable from 2-60 seconds 
  • Integrations into dozens of fleet tracking tools 
  • Additional sensors and add-ons available 
  • Add unlimited drivers 
  • Free Technical service on all GPS devices 
  • Links to Google Maps 
  • Live traffic updates for routing 
  • Costs $13.95 per month with no monthly contracts website 

33. OnFleet 

OnFleet offers GPS tracking for short-haul fleets. That’s ideal for short haul only, because you don’t need ELogs or other offerings. Instead, OnFleet focuses on delivery tracking and ETAs for local and short distance deliveries. 

  • Real-time GPS Tracking 
  • Real-time ETA 
  • Routing integration with traffic and mapping 
  • Fleet overviews
  • Customer tracking and delivery estimate numbers/alerts
  • Proof of delivery 
  • Route optimization 
  • Costs $149.99 and up per month with unlimited drivers 

OnFleet Website 

34. PCS AT&M  

PCS AT&M offers a complete logistics management solution for mid-to-large fleets. The GPS monitoring company also delivers dedicated carrier and shipper tools. Many of its features are made with cross-country fleets in mind.  

  • Real time fleet and vehicle tracking 
  • Plug and Play GPS 
  • Tracking data integrated into dispatch data
  • See drivers by location, vehicle capability, and load 
  • Plan routes based on load types 
  • Plan routes, stops, and optimize mileage
  • Track ETAs and estimated time remaining 
  • Free mobile app 
  • Track and add trailers and plan routes by weight, height, and more 

PCS AT&M website 

35. Phantom Insight  

Phantom Insight offers a GPS tracker with mobile app, ideal for fleets looking for nothing but GPS tracking. It’s also a perfect choice for mixed fleet, trailer tracking, and non-powered asset tracking. 

  • Battery-powered GPS with up to 2 years of battery life 
  • Suitable for heavy-duty equipment 
  • Transfers data over LTE
  • Geofence and other alerts 
  • Includes timer, temperature sensor, and activation button 
  • Can send pings 1x per day or 3x per day 
  • Water resistant hardware 
  • Satellite and street view available 
  • Software is free to use 
  • All tracking data is stored over the duration of the hardware 
  • Price available on request 

Phantom AT&M Website 

36. Rand McNally   

Rand McNally launched as a map maker in the 1800s. Today, the brand delivers GPS tracking solutions with routing, logistics, and ELD. It’s also one of the most popular fleet solutions on the market. 

  • Numerous GPS and ELD devices to choose from including tablets
  • Full FMSCA ELD mandate compliance with a tablet GPS 
  • Integrated fleet navigation
  • Route optimization 
  • Traffic overlays 
  • Plug and play or hardware devices 
  • Integrates with fleet management and dispatch 
  • Asset trackers available 
  • Costs from $149.99-$399.99 per device 
  • Software costs are scaled to the fleet

Rand McNally website 

37. Rhino Fleet Tracking   

Rhino Fleet Tracking is popular for its low-cost, GPS tracking technology. Plus, Rhino offers seasonal contracts. This makes it a top choice for seasonal fleets or those that retire some vehicles during low season. 

  • Plug and play hardware 
  • Integrates into Google maps 
  • Set geofences and configure alerts and reports
  • See fleet and single vehicle views
  • Set idle time and time-on-site reports
  • Free iOS and Android app 
  • Get speeding and harsh braking alerts
  • Transfers over LTE (you choose the carrier) 
  • Monthly contract costs $16.95 per month for all features and hardware 

Rhino Fleet Tracking website 

38. Switchboard   

Switchboard is a fleet management solution with extensive GPS tracking capabilities. The fleet manager is also quickly becoming a very popular ELD solution thanks to transparent and relatively low pricing. 

  • Plug and play GPS tracker 
  • Full ELD solution with tablet-based devices
  • Real-time track and trace 
  • Asset trackers for non-powered vehicles
  • Link trips to drivers and create safety scores
  • Calculate real-time ETAs 
  • Map historical vehicle locations 
  • Link GPS to IFTA 
  • Integrate GPS into dispatch for routing and load distribution 
  • Costs $20 per month, per vehicle, including hardware 

Switchboard website 

39. Teletrac Navman   

Teletrac Navman is one of the largest fleet tracking companies in the U.S. The company also delivers completely customizable tracking solutions. These include custom options for trucking, shipping, construction, retail, and even passenger fleets. 

  • Real-time GPS tracking 
  • Plug & Play and hardwired GPS available 
  • Trailer trackers and non-powered asset trackers
  • Link vehicle tracking to dispatch 
  • Set geofences with alerts for entry/exit 
  • Set alerts and driver notifications for speeding and harsh driving events
  • Calculate real-time ETA
  • Optimize routes around traffic, regulatory compliance, and load types 
  • Link GPS to route management to reduce fuel usage

Teletrac Navman website 

40. TitanGPS   

TitanGPS is one of the most popular GPS tracking providers in the world. In fact, this brand is used by top fleets like Volkswagen and Alberta Transportation. Plus, with a wide range of hardware, versatile software, and even solar models, TitanGPS has a lot to offer any fleet. 

  • 10 different GPS models available 
  • Hardwired and plug & play options 
  • Dashcams to link video to GPS data 
  • Ping vehicle location every 10-60 seconds 
  • Set up geofences and alerts
  • Tag and send alerts for aggressive and harsh driving events 
  • View trips in real-time via the cloud app 
  • Add on OEM vehicle tracking from Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deer, Volkswagen, and others
  • Pricing available on request 

TitanGPS website 

41. Track Your Truck   

Track Your Truck GPS tracking solutions include fleet and route management with security for $14.99 per month. That makes Track Your Truck one of the better options for small fleets. 

  • Free GPS tracker with a contract 
  • 2-Year warranty on all hardware 
  • Plug and play or hardwire GPS tracker
  • Non-powered and trailer trackers available 
  • GPS equipment trackers with three modes (theft recovery, depot-to-depot, daily updates) 
  • Free android/iOS app 
  • Cloud streaming live locations 
  • Integrate dispatch for route optimization 
  • Set alerts for geofences and harsh driving events

Track your Truck Website 

42. Transflo   

Transflo is a fleet management and logistics software company. Its vehicle tracking system is integrated into a BYOD ELD, suitable for most types of fleets. In addition, Transflo offers extensive backend fleet and management tools. 

  • Plug and play GPS tracker with ELD capabilities 
  • Real-time vehicle location 
  • Data shares over LTE or via Bluetooth 
  • Route optimization and mapping tools 
  • Route history and planned route versus actual route 
  • Link drivers to vehicles to attach speeding and harsh driving events to a driver scorecard
  • Optimize fuel usage with GPS routing 
  • Trailer trackers available 

Transflow website 

43. Trimble Fleet Management   

Trimble is one of the largest fleet management solutions available so it makes sense they also have one of the top tracking systems. Trimble’s GPS tracking also ties into in-cab navigation, Trimble Maps, and back-end data and fleet management tooling. 

  • Plug and play and Hardwire options available 
  • GPS and Dead Reckoning (DR) systems 
  • External vehicle GPS antennae’s available 
  • Track vehicles in real time 
  • Link GPS data to routing and dispatch for vehicle management 
  • Integrate GPS into in-cab navigation with CoPilotTruck 
  • Link GPS data to supply chain visibility and to logistics 
  • Optimize routes to cut hours, reduce gas usage, and based on load 
  • Link GPS data to complete fleet and employee-management solutions 

Trimble Fleet Management Website 

44. TripLog Drive 

Triplog Drive is a GPS tracking solution designed for lightweight data collection. In fact, you can also choose to use the app without a dedicated GPS tracker. In this case, you rely on the GPS in driver’s phones. 

  • Real-time GPS tracking with 30-5 second pings 
  • Offline tracking mode with up to 4mb of stored data
  • Travel modes built into the device
  • Designed for use with a mobile phone but offers offline mode 
  • Plugs in via USB or cigarette lighter adapter 
  • Real-time GPS data links to the cloud 
  • Tracks mileage, IFTA, and other taxes 
  • Ideal for freelancers and owner-operators being paid by the mile 
  • Free to $6.99 per month per driver 

Triplog Drive website 

45. TruckSpy 

TruckSpy delivers tracking solutions aimed at small and medium fleets. Plus, they have extensive additional trackers and sensors available. That makes TruckSpy is a top choice for fleets that want to digitize vehicle maintenance and fleet management. 

  • Plug and play GPS devices 
  • Shares data to a mobile device or tablet over Bluetooth 
  • Integrated offline storage
  • Battery backup and tamper resistance 
  • GPS pings every 60 seconds 
  • Integrates odometer, engine load, and RPM data into GPS information 
  • Set up alerts for safety issues like speeding or harsh driving 
  • Integrates into dispatch 

TruckSpy website 

46. US Fleet Tracking   

US Fleet Tracking specializes in national-level fleet tracking technology. The brand also delivers unique services like maintenance, battery servicing, and variable tracking. That makes it a very customizable solution for any fleet size. 

  • Plug and play GPS trackers
  • Powered and non-powered trackers available 
  • Wired and wireless GPS options 
  • Transfers data over LTE 
  • Service plans for battery-powered trackers 
  • Real-time tracking with updates at 5, 10, or 60 seconds 
  • View vehicles on satellite-view maps 
  • IOS and Cloud apps 
  • GPS devices cost $129-$289 per vehicle 
  • Costs $29.95-$39.95 per month, per vehicle 

US Fleet Tracking website 

47. Verizon Connect    

Verizon Connect’s GPS tracking solutions power some of the largest fleets in North America. That makes sense, considering the brand bought out some of the largest existing GPS trackers in the country. 

  • Plug and play or hardwire ELD
  • Tablet GPS tracking with full GPS connection 
  • Connect drivers to routes for safety coaching 
  • Set up geofences with alerts
  • Free mobile app 
  • Integrations into dozens of other fleet management tools 
  • Connect GPS data to dispatch for improved routing and delegation 
  • See route history, planned routes vs actual routes, map overlays, and more 

Verizon Connect Website 

48. Webfleet 

Webfleet is a tracking and fleet management solution delivered by one of the world’s largest GPS manufacturers, TomTom Go. The solution also includes full ELD compliance, in-cab routing, and full reporting for fleet management. 

  • Plug and play or hard-wired GPS trackers
  • Automatic mileage registration 
  • Geofences with alerts
  • Track and trace codes for customers 
  • In-cab routing and management 
  • Trip and route optimization 
  • Import GPS data to IFTA calculations 
  • Set up alerts for harsh driving or speeding 
  • Store up to 90 days of driving data and trip reports
  • Share data over LTE

Webfleet website 

49. Wialon  

Wialon is a GPS Tracker Company used by more than 2.8 million vehicles. The company also delivers extensive cross-fleet and industry services. Wialon is a best-fit if you’re also looking for business operations and strategic planning. 

  • Hardwire and Plug and Play GPS trackers
  • White-label platform 
  • Hosted or cloud platform access
  • Real-time GPS tracking for trucks, trailers, and other assets
  • Connect Drivers to GPS data 
  • Flag speeding and harsh driving events
  • Set up geofences with separate alerts per vehicle 

Wialon Website 

50. Zonar Systems   

Zonar Systems offers a complete range of fleet management and sensors. Its GPS tracker for companies includes integrated ELD with BYOD and tablet devices. Zonar also focuses on data analytics and optimization, making this the perfect solution for many mid-size fleets. 

  • 5 GPS hardware options, including tablet models 
  • Trailer and equipment trackers available 
  • Rugged telematics units for off-road and heavy machinery 
  • Track vehicles in real time 
  • Connect GPS to operator ID and to trailers 
  • Set geofences and track drivers as they exit and enter areas 
  • Integrate dual-facing cameras to add visuals to GPS data 
  • Hardware costs $264-$840 

Zonar Systems Website 

51. Zubie   

 Zubie delivers GPS and fleet management services across a cloud app. It’s also one of the only GPS tracking device companies to deliver solutions for rental vehicle fleets. 

  • Plug and play GPS device
  • Export trips directly to Google Maps 
  • Trailer and non-powered device tracking 
  • Links to dispatch to identify the closets vehicles 
  • Street and satellite views for maps 
  • Unlimited geofences and alerts
  • Idle time and time on site tracking 
  • Custom solutions for tracking rental vehicles 
  • Costs $18-$27 per month including hardware 

Zubie website 

GPS Tracking FAQs 

If you still have questions, this FAQ should help. If not, feel free to submit a comment. 

How Does GPS Tracking Work? 

Most GPS trackers use Global Positioning System technology. These systems feature an antennae and broadcast mechanism. These communicates with GPS satellites in space. The satellites record when the transmission was received. And, of course they track the geographic location at intervals, as set by your software. 

The simplest GPS trackers are just black boxes. They sit in your vehicle and transmit data to and from the satellite. Most also include LTE to communicate with a cloud app or server so you can check the data without accessing the physical device. Others are more complex and offer features like engine diagnostics, odometer tracking, etc. 

In fact, most GPS trackers on the market offer these features. Most trailer trackers are the simpler option. 

Can GPS Tracking Cut Costs?

That depends on your fleet, its operation, and your drivers. In theory, GPS tracking can definitely cut costs. For example, GPS tracking allows you to optimize routing. This means you can select vehicles that are closets to the pickup point to take a load. It also means reduced risk of theft. Or, if you have large or multiple lots, less time looking for vehicles on lots. 

You might also reduce costs with: 

  • Driver identification, so you always know who is driving 
  • Unauthorized usage alerts to prevent theft
  • Speeding and harsh driving alerts so drivers do less of them 
  • Tracking for vehicle recovery after theft or abandonment 
  • Reduced insurance costs, especially if you pair GPS with dashcams 
  • Route optimization to cut idling time, driving time, and fuel usage 

What you get out of GPS trackers really depends on what you have now. For example, fleet utilization tools could even help you to right size your fleet. There are a lot of ways you could save money – but you have to have existing problems to solve for that to be the case. 

Which Vehicles are Compatible with GPS Tracking Systems?

Any vehicle is compatible with a GPS tracking system. However, not all GPS trackers can plug into every vehicle. Any “Plug and play” device will have a list of compatible vehicles. Most also come with adapters. This means you can use plug and play with nearly any vehicle. 

At the same time, it’s always important to check specifications on a model you’re looking into. You might have a model that is not compatible with your specific vehicle. 

What Hardware Equipment Do You Need

In most cases, you need a GPS black box. However, you might want other features. For example, if you need ELD compliance, you also need a screen. 

Additionally, GPS hardware varies significantly. Most of the top GPS brands offer a black box plus a screen. Many just offer the black box. In most cases, you’ll also need wiring or connectors. 

What is GPS Tracking? 

GPS tracking uses global positioning systems data to share vehicle or trailer locations to a software platform. In most cases, the GPS hardware requests signals every 5 to 60 seconds for powered GPS. Non-powered GPS checks up once to 6 times per day. 

What Type of GPS Trackers are Available? 

In most cases, GPS trackers are classified based on how they connect to your vehicle: 

Hardwired – The GPS tracker wires into your vehicle diagnostics systems. You need a technician to install this. It is tamper proof and normally compatible with any vehicle. 

Plug and Play – The GPS tracker installs via the OBD or similar port in the vehicle. This is easy to remove and move between vehicles. However, it is also less tamper proof. 

Powered – The GPS tracker company intends for the tracker to be plugged into the vehicle and to use the vehicles power. Most include an onboard battery for tracking parking and for tracking the vehicle when it is turned off. 

Non-Powered – The GPS tracker relies on a battery power source. This normally lasts 1-2 years depending on the manufacturer. 

Rugged – Multiple GPS tracker manufacturers offer “rugged” models. These are designed to be water resistant, to operate in extreme temperatures, and to take more shocks. These are ideal for off-road vehicles, heavy equipment, etc. 

Next Steps 

There are an overwhelming number of GPS tracking systems on the market. Most offer some unique services or are best suited to specific types of fleets. Many are very comparable. This means you can and should look at your fleet needs and then choose your options based on budget, value for money, and offerings. 

If you’re ready to choose a GPS solution for your fleet, we can help. Use the form at the top of the page to fill in your fleet details, and we’ll request quotes on your behalf. Then, we’ll compare your options and send you the best four, so you can make a choice. Plus, fleets know we’re comparing their offerings, so you’re more likely to get a better deal.