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Pedigree Technologies ELD Review: 2023 Pricing & Feature Comparison

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Pedigree is a telematics and fleet tracking company based in Fargo, North Dakota. The brand was founded in 2004, as a trailer management and sensor manufacturer. Today, Pedigree Technologies is also a leading ELD manufacturer. Its platform, OneView delivers a complete telematics solution. This includes fleet and asset management. Pedigree Technologies has been on Inc’s list of fastest-growing companies in the United States every year since 2014. The brand also is one of the only ELD providers to offer a BYOD, integrated, and tablet solution. This translates into real support for a diverse fleet.  

Pedigree’s ELD device is available as part of a hardware subscription. You can also buy hardware upfront, with prices ranging from $299-$750. In most cases, software subscriptions start at $25 per month. The Pedigree Cab-Mate is a fully FMCSA-certified ELD. It features GPS tracking, telematics, vehicle diagnostics and maintenance, DOT compliance, and more.  

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This Pedigree Technologies review covers the brand’s hardware, software, pricing, and reviews, so you can make an informed purchase decision.  


Pedigree Pricing

ELD Model  Cost
Cab-Mate Open  $299-$399 
Cab-Mate One  $599-$799 
Cab-Mate Connect  $599-$799 

 If you are buying Pedigree hardware, you will have to contact the brand for a quote. These Pedigree costs are official price quotes, which scale based on volume of orders and size of organization. Fleets with fewer than 100 vehicles can almost always expect to pay the higher range. Prices do not include shipping.  

Pedigree software starts from about $25 per month for access to the ELD platform, OneView. All subscriptions can be upscaled to include added fleet management and asset management tools. Pedigree also offers hardware subscriptions, with no upfront cost for ELD, dashcams, or other devices. Customer service would not share a maximum price range for software services. Contracts start at 36 months and auto-renew for 12-months unless cancelled within 90 days of the end of term.  

Pedigree charges a $75 per vehicle installation fee. You can also choose to install the hardware yourself. The company offers relatively unique custom services for a fee. If you are interested, you will have to request a quote. Pedigree will likely only offer custom service for larger fleets. Options include development, hosted application data recovery, on-site training, servicing, and activation. Essentially, Pedigree can develop custom features, integrations, and options for your fleet if the incentive is large enough.  

In case of a late payment, Pedigree will cancel your access to the OneView platform. Reinstating your devices costs $25 per ELD.  

Pedigree Technologies offers data plans with AT&T and Verizon, from $15 and up. They also offer WIFI capabilities, with offline mode supported.  

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Cab-Mate Ope

The Cab-Mate Open is a BYOD ELD ranging from $299-$399. It is available with no upfront costs with a hardware lease. Pedigree’s budget ELD device offers:  

  • FMCSA Certification. Pair this device with a mobile device or tablet for full Section 49 CFR 395.34c compliance 
  • HOS logging  
  • DOT Compliance Mode 
  • DVIRs 
  • IFTA Fuel Tracking  
  • Telematics for Driver Coaching  
  • Bluetooth 
  • WIFI & Cellular Connectivity

Cab-Mate One 

The Cab-Mate One is Pedigree’s flagship ELD. The device costs $599-$799. It is an ELD and integrated ruggedized tablet.  

  • FMCSA Certification. Fully Section 49 CFR 395.34c compliant  
  • HOS Logging  
  • DOT compliance mode 
  • DVIRs 
  • Rear-facing camera for document capture 
  • IFTA Fuel Tracking 
  • Telematics for Driver Coaching  
  • Wired Connection to ELD 
  • WIFI & Cellular Connectivity

Cab-Mate Connect

The Cab-Mate Connect is an all-in-one ELD solution with a built-in display. The display removes from the ELD cradle for DOT mode without stopping HOS logging. Most users will pay $799 per ELD.  

  • FMCSA Certification. Fully Section 49 CFR 395.34c compliant  
  • HOS Logging  
  • DOT compliance mode 
  • DVIRs 
  • Rear-facing camera for document capture 
  • IFTA Fuel Tracking 
  • Telematics for Driver Coaching  
  • Wired Connection to ELD 
  • WIFI & Cellular Connectivity

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Pedigree Features & Benefits

Pedigree offers a complete ELD solution, with scaling options to meet diverse fleet needs. The brand stands out with one of the most customizable HOS solutions on the market. It also delivers accessibility and a user-designed interface. Pedigree claims they built the app around driver feedback. It also offers an open API. These and other features make Pedigree one of the best ELD providers in North America.  

ELD Compliance 

All three Pedigree technologies ELD devices are fully FMCSA certified. This means you are fully ELD compliant by running the ELD in the vehicle. Drivers are responsible for bringing and using their own mobile phone or tablet with the BYOD Cab-Mate One. This means the device automatically captures vehicle movement and driving hours. It shifts Driver status into “On-Duty Driving” whenever the vehicle exceeds 5MPh.  

HOS Logging  

Drivers can set status, view driving time, and see real-time estimates of remaining driving time on-screen. Pedigree supports a variety of HOS rules and situations. This makes it easy for drivers to automatically calculate hours based on their specific circumstances. The brand is also one of the few ELDs to offer workable solutions for the FMCSA’s ban on editing logs. Drivers can edit their own logs by adding notes to the log explaining actual usage. The report will still depict the original driver, with the update and note. The time will be added or removed to the proper driver’s log.  

Pedigree also offers a unique approach to back-office edits. Drivers can see how and where suggests changes to logs affect their total schedule before approving them. This makes confirming log changes significantly easier than with many other competitors.  

DOT Mode 

All Pedigree ELD solutions have a DOT mode, accessible within 2 clicks. The devices are designed to hand the screen part (phone, tablet, display) to an officer. They can then tap the DOT mode and click to send all logs and RODs directly to the FSCMA. Drivers can also use this function to mail their logs to an email address.  


Like other competitors, Pedigree includes a full DVIR solution. Drivers are prompted to fill out pre and post trip inspection reports when changing duty status. All noted issues or violations are flagged for dispatch review. You may also integrate maintenance teams into the larger app. Here, mechanics can directly see DVIRs, schedule maintenance, and ensure the vehicle is repaired 

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Dispatch Messaging  

Pedigree integrates two-way dispatch messaging into its app and ELD device. This supports driver coaching, electronic form submission, dispatch, and instructions. Drivers can capture document images with their mobile phone or the tablet/integrated display for invoice, proof of delivery, and other form submission.  

IFTA Fuel Reports 

Pedigree’s ELD tracks GPS location by jurisdiction and supports fuel invoice and receipt upload. Administrators can generate IFTA report data by state to reduce time and manual errors on reporting. You will have to complete the actual report separately.  

Fleet Tracking  

Every ELD includes GPS, gyroscope, g-sensor, and an optional magnetometer. This offers complete fleet tracking, with GPS route history, Geofencing, and alerts. Dispatch can create geofences and set up alerts when drivers enter or leave areas. You can also see real-time vehicle location (with data plan), vehicle speed, and other details. Sensors tie into driver coaching to improve CSA scores by reducing critical events like speeding, harsh cornering, and sudden stops.  

Plug and Play 

The Pedigree ELD device is plug and play. Drivers can simply plug the device into the JBUS/OBDII port on their vehicle, turn the vehicle on, and set up a connection. Pedigree also offers an installation service at $75 per vehicle.  

WIFI and Wired Connectivity  

Pedigree offers an offline mode with WIFI connection. This means you don’t need a separate data plan to use either the Connect or One devices. Instead, the devices will store up to 16GB of data until the driver finds a WIFI hotspot. Using offline mode means dispatch cannot communicate in real time or see live GPS locations.  

The Connect and One also circumvent one of the largest issues with ELDs, Bluetooth disconnection. Both devices are fully wired. This means you get a more stable connection and fewer chances of dropped logs or data. The Cab-Mate Open still relies on Bluetooth.  

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Additional Fleet Management Solutions  

Pedigree started out as a trailer sensor manufacturer. The brand still offers a wide range of fleet management tools in additional to ELD. These include:  

Trailer and Asset Tracking  

Pedigree offers a complete trailer and asset tracking solution. With hardware and software for trailers, non-powered assets, and heavy equipment, the brand offers room for specialized and diverse fleets. Tools include sensors for humidity, moisture, and temperature management, perfect for reefers and other controlled condition trailers.  

Dash Cam  

Pedigree launched a dual-facing dashcam in August of 2019. The dashcam integrates into the CameraView app on OneView. The camera records data following an incident such as harsh breaking, stops, or a collision. Any critical event triggers a recording action, where 20 seconds of video before and after the event is saved. Drivers can also record data at the push of a button to share potentially dangerous activity around them or to alert dispatch to critical conditions.  

Digital Library  

Pedigree offers a digital document library. Dispatch can upload vehicle registration, papers, driver certifications, and other data into a file attached to the vehicle. Then, drivers can quickly pull up papers to show police and inspections for ensured compliance. Document management tools also include load management, document scanning, and electronic work orders. This means drivers can receive work orders electronically, pick up loads, drop off, and send proof of delivery documents back for approval to get paid as quickly as possible.  

Drivewyze Integration  

Pedigree offers a full open API, so most apps can integrate into the application. However, Drivewyze, the weigh station bypass app, integrates at a native level. Drivers can access Drivewyze right from the OneView application.  

Fleet Maintenance  

Pedigree’s application automatically collects vehicle diagnostics data from the OBDII port. This is shared alongside fuel usage, speed, and driver habit data. You can purchase extra sensors to monitor fuel tanks and tire pressure. OneView offers a mechanic portal, where you can integrate maintenance teams so they can see vehicle status in real time. You can also set up alerts for regular maintenance, fault codes, and other data for preventive maintenance.  

Mobile Tank Monitoring  

Pedigree offers a fairly unique water management system which you can apply to mobile tanks, wastewater management, and other liquid transportation. Sensors monitor liquid levels with alerts to prevent low levels, to prevent illegal dumping, and to ensure complete oversight for dispatch.  

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Pedigree Technologies ELD Device Installation

Pedigree’s Cab-Mate devices are completely plug and play. While Pedigree does offer installation services, you likely will not need these. All Pedigree ELD devices support 6 pin, 9 pin square flange, 9 pin round threaded, J1962, and Type II connectors. You should request the adaptor or cable you need when buying the device. Unlike other ELDs, you cannot install Pedigree without calling the manufacturer.  

  • Install tablet or device cradle/mount  
  • With the engine off, connect the factory diagnostics cable to the female diagnostics connector 
  • Place the male diagnostics connector in the factory mount  
  • Run the cable over the dash to the cradle/mount.  
  • Plug the 16-Pin Molex connector into the tablet or device 
  • Attach antenna as instructed with the hardware  
  • Start the vehicle (the vehicle should be outdoors) 
  • Wait for the LEDs on the device to turn a solid color 
  • Call Pedigree to confirm installation and finish setup. You will need:  
  • Device ESN 
  • Asset Name (Truck #23) 
  • Year, Make, and Model  
  • VIN 
  • License Plate Number 
  • Odometer 
  • Hours  

If you are installing the Cab-Mate Open, wait until after confirmation and then log into the OneView application on your phone. Otherwise, log in through the device provided.  

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Pedigree ELD Reviews & Ratings

Pedigree is a mid-sized ELD with a long history of supplying fleet management solutions. The brand’s current ELD is only a few years old, so with much less market saturation than larger competitors, the company also has fewer reviews. However, users agree that Pedigree offers quality customer service. Some users quote check-in calls during setup and additional help with installation as great selling points. Drivers with the BYOD app also complain that the app locks them out of their phone when the vehicle is in motion.   

There are some complaints about slow hardware and devices. These mostly date to pre-2017, meaning they apply to earlier hardware. You can contact Pedigree for a free demonstration before buying. In addition, the brand doesn’t charge for hardware for the first 30 days, meaning you can trial the brand before using. The brand also consistently receives high marks for ease of use, a driver-friendly interface, and good HOS functions. Overall, Pedigree’s ELD isn’t perfect, but it is a strong choice, with unique options and a very driver-friendly HOS solution.

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