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DriveELD Review: 2023 Pricing & Feature Comparison

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DriveELD is an ELD provider based in Iowa, USA. The brand was founded in 2017, making it one of the newest ELD solutions on the market. While that does mean the brand lacks years of feedback and brand continuity offered by some competitors, it means the brand used that feedback during development. As a result, DriveELD is one of the cheapest and highest-rated ELD providers on the market. DriveELD’s hardware and software receive stellar feedback from drivers and administrators alike, making it a top choice for fleets of all sizes.  

With pricing starting at $15 per month, DriveELD is a budget ELD option. DriveELD rolls hardware into the subscription cost alongside ELD compliance software with GPS tracking, HOS, IFTA fuel tax tracking, GPS, DVIRs, fleet management, and much more. The ELD is FMCSA registered and fully ELD mandate compliant with the use of a mobile phone. This review of DriveELD cover’s the brand’s pricing, services, features, and reviews to help you decide if it is right for you.  

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DriveELD Pricing

ELD Model  Price Monthly Costs Yearly Costs 
DriveELD  $0 (with subscription) $15-$20+ $180-$240+

DriveELD’s electronic logging device is available for free with any subscription. Subscriptions start at $15 per month. DriveELD offers added subscription offerings, including a second one that costs $20, and a third option which is scaled to the fleet.  

The brand uses a 1-year term. You will have to pay for the full subscription upfront. This means upfront costs range from $180-$240 per vehicle for most fleets. Additional cables and adapters are available for $25 each for fleets that need something other than a J1939 9-PIN Cable (ECM).  

DriveELD costs less than nearly any other competitor. While you can source some free ELD options, DriveELD competes with all but the lowest cost of those. For example, most require you to buy the hardware upfront but offer free software. This means DriveELD is the same price as a free ELD for at least the first year.  

The brand also stands out with short subscription terms. The industry average is 3 years. While some drivers may object to paying the subscription upfront, it’s still relatively cheap compared to the startup costs used by many competitors. You will have to pay shipping costs to and from DriveELD when your contract starts and ends. However, DriveELD will cover all repairs and replacements not caused by negligence or gross misconduct during the lease period.  

Essentially, DriveELD is one of the lowest cost ELD manufacturers on the market.  

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Drive ELD  

The DriveELD hardware consists of a BYOD electronic logging device. Drive ELD plugs into the Jbus port or other diagnostics port for your vehicle. It comes with an ECM (J1939) 9-Pin cable out of the box. You can also purchase additional cables for 6-pin, OBDII (light/medium/heavy duty), and pre-2008 J-bus. These are $25 each with the exception of the ELD-Pre 2008, which includes an ECM converter, and is $225.  

  • FMCSA registered 
  • ELD Compliance 
  • HOS Compliance  
  • DOT Mode 
  • GPS  
  • Bluetooth  
  • DVIRs 
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Tracking  
  • Plug & Play  
  • Vehicle diagnostics  

DriveELD Features & Benefits 

DriveELD is a relatively new ELD provider. However, this means DriveELD software is built around feedback from competitors, after the technology was adopted and tested. DriveELD offers an ELD solution heavily focused on fleet compliance with some tools for safety, tax management, and driver management. The DriveELD app is also one of the highest rated ELD solutions on the market, making the brand one of your top options.  

FMCSA Registered 

The Drive ELD device is registered with the FMCSA as meeting all compliance requirements. You have to pair the device with a mobile phone to or tablet equipped with mobile data for full compliance.  

ELD Compliance 

The Drive ELD offers full ELD compliance for users with the hardware and software running in the cab. The DriveELD hardware plugs directly into the diagnostics port to collect data including driving time, idle time, and vehicle diagnostics as logs. Drivers can edit and approve logs from the mobile app. The ELD stores up to 6 months of logs in the cloud and on the device. Drivers can also share 6 weeks of logs to DOT inspection officials during roadside inspections. Here, drivers simply tap “Dot Inspection”, and pass their phone to the officer. The official can view logs and send them to the FMCSA with a few clicks.  

DriveELD offers fairly extensive driver editing options. This means drivers can edit start and end times for events. However, registered driving time still shows up. Any driving time registered with a driver not On Duty will show up as unidentified time and must be reviewed and logged by a driver.  

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HOS Violation Alerts 

DriveELD offers a full HOS violation management dashboard. Drivers can see driving time, remaining hours till break or during shift, and available hours in the week. This works to prevent HOS violations. Drivers also receive notifications when they are nearing maximum driving time.  

Dispatch and administrators can view HOS status in real time from the back-office software. The dashboard includes HOS status per driver, total violations, and includes real-time alerts for violations. This can make driver/load pairing easier because dispatch can more easily see how many hours are remaining for each person on the roster.  

Plug & Play  

The DriveELD is a plug and play ELD. This means you can find the diagnostics port in the vehicle, plug the ELD in, pair it with your phone via Bluetooth, and are ready to go. DriveELD also switches fairly easily between vehicles.  

Offline Mode 

The Drive ELD stores all data onboard the device. If your mobile phone loses connection, the device continues to store data until connection is restored. This means drivers can safely keep logs even in remote areas, without risking a violation.  

In addition, all onboard logs are fully secured. Administrators always receive an unedited copy of the logs in the cloud as soon as the device connects to data.  

DVIRs and Vehicle Diagnostics 

Drivers can check vehicle diagnostics and fill out pre and post trips right in the DriveELD app. The DriveELD software prompts drivers to complete inspections when signing in. Data uploads to the cloud, where administrators can see inspection results alongside vehicle fault codes and total fleet health. The DriveELD dashboard also offers repair, inspection, and maintenance management, so you always know the state of any given vehicle in the fleet. Vehicle fault codes are automatically registered through the diagnostics port.  

Additional Fleet Management Solutions  

DriveELD offers multiple ELD solutions not focused on compliance. These include fleet management, driver tracking and coaching, and dispatch messaging. While not essential for FMCSA ELD mandate compliance, they make fleet management easier.  

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DriveELD offers GPS tracking as well as in-app GPS routing. Drivers can fully customize the turn-by-turn navigation function depending on their vehicle or load. This means you can set parameters such as vehicle size, weight, load type, fuel stops, and custom waypoints to choose a route that meets your needs. This feature can be extremely valuable for drivers not allowed on general roads and streets. Turn by turn navigation is offered through CoPilot 

GPS tracking also includes real-time vehicle tracking, historic route, and ETA estimations. Dispatch can use GPS to see where vehicles are at any time, to estimate arrival times for customers, and to prevent theft or vehicle misuse.  

IFTA Fuel Tax Trips 

DriveELD registered miles driven per jurisdiction. Dispatch receives this data as a trip report. You can generate this per vehicle per trip, for use in calculating IFTA fuel tax. This tool does not handle the calculations or IFTA filing for you.  

Two-Way Messaging  

DriveELD’s two-way messaging system allows dispatch to connect with drivers in-app and vice versa. Drivers can scan and upload documents such as Bill of Lading, invoices, or proof of delivery. Dispatch can send requests, instructions, and communicate with drivers based on feedback from the app. The in-app tool means drivers don’t have to exit logging to answer dispatch communication.  

GPS Tracking Cameras 

DriveELD software integrates into HDFleet dashcams to provide a GPS camera service. HDFleet offers dual-direction cameras with onboard GPS, gyroscope, and automatic event detection. The camera streams data in real-time over a data plan. When the camera detects an incident or the driver hits the panic button, the camera records data and stores it for later review. This can help to improve fleet safety, to reduce insurance liability, and to implement driver coaching.  

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DriveELD implements driver workflows with pre and post trips, check-ins, route management, HOS management, and document management. The app automatically works to optimize time and routes for better driver workflows and better time management. While not as advanced as some competitors, workflows have a lot to offer to drivers, especially owner operators looking for better resource management.  

DriveELD Device: Installation Steps  

  1. The Drive ELD is a plug and play device. Installation should take a few minutes for most drivers. Verify that you have right cable or adapter before starting installation.  
  2. Sign up with the back-office software and set up your account and Carrier. You cannot proceed unless the Carrier is set up.  
  3. Download the Drive ELD app to the mobile device 
  4. Park the vehicle outside and turn the engine off 
  5. Plug the cable into the diagnostics port.  
  6. Run the cable up over the dashboard.  
  7. Plug the ELD device into the cable and position it on the dashboard where it will not slide around 
  8. Turn the engine on. The ELD will go through startup. The red light should blink and then turn on. The green light will blink and then turn on.  
  9. The Driver should sign up on the Drive ELD app  
  10. Choose your Carrier  
  11. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the phone. Click “Connect Your ELD”  
  12. Select your device from the list  

From there, you can immediately start logging data.  

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DriveELD Reviews & Ratings

DriveELD is an extremely popular ELD app and device. The brand offers one of the highest-rated apps on the market, with a 4.5-star rating on most marketplaces. Administrators quote quality customer service, ease of use, and ease of adoption among top-selling factors. Some point out the very high quality of the app, especially in comparison with its low cost 

 Drivers like ease of use and ease of setup. Many note that the app does not go into landscape mode, but DriveELD implemented an update offering this feature since the reviews. Overall, the general consensus is that DriveELD is one of the best and most cost-effective ELD solutions on the market.  

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