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Top 40 Best Asset Tracking Companies: 2023 System Comparison

Asset tracking systems are essential to any fleet wanting to keep track of non-powered assets. These might include trailers, equipment, or even old vehicles. But, asset tracking devices allow small and large fleets alike to track location, monitor usage, and prevent theft. As a result, asset trackers can be a valuable part of fleet tracking as a whole – offering security and assurance, no matter how large the fleet. 

Here, GPS tracking is normally the primary service offered by asset trackers. However, some provide additional services, like temperature management, proximity alerts, and alarms. These alerts can track to temperature, to location, to asset speed, or even to use outside business hours. Essentially, asset trackers can give back office full insight into how and when assets are used. This, in turn, greatly contributes to security, to asset management, and to anti-theft. 

For example, if you can immediately see where an asset is from a dashboard, you can more easily decide which asset to use on a new project. If you can see usage data and statistics, you know which assets aren’t being used enough. And, if you have maintenance data up, you can easily see which assets frequently require maintenance. Over time, that can help to reduce costs. Plus, GPS asset trackers mean you’ll always know where every piece of equipment and every trailer is. So, you can easily pair assets with trucks and drivers, recover them in case of loss or theft, and identify them in case of accidents and damage. 

The table below is a list of asset tracking system providers & management companies operating in the US market.

CompanyUpfront CostsMonthly Cost Per Vehicle*
AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions) $125-$0$17.30-$19.99
Autoconnect $109-$229$16.99+
AT&T Fleet Complete  NA$10+
Atti Fleet Tracking  NANA
Automile $99-$299$19.90-$25.90
AwareGPS $79.99$14.99-$19.99
Azuga    NANA
Brickhouse Security   $17.97+$12.99+
BTracking  $179-$309$12.49-$14.49+ 
Clearpath GPS NA$15-$25 
Coretex   NANA
Fleetlocate by SpireonNANA
Geotab   NANA
goFleet    NA$10-$100
GPS Insight NANA
GPS Trackit NANA
Keeptruckin  NANA
Linxup  NA$19.50+ 
Mix Telematics NANA
Omnitracs   NANA
One Step GPS  NA$13.95+
OneView Pedigree Technologies NANA
PCS AT&M$375+$1000+ (not per device)
Powerfleet NANA 
Rand McNally   NANA
Rhino Fleet Tracking   $29.95-$99.95$9.95-$15.95
Samsara  NANA
Switchboard   NANA
Teletrac Navman   NANA
Track Your Truck   NA$22+
Trimble Fleet Management   NANA
US Fleet Tracking   $129-$199 + $19.95 setup fee$24.95-$79.95
Verizon Connect    NANA
Webfleet NANA
Wialon  NANA
Zonar Systems   NANA

*Please note, prices were accurate at the time of research and writing. However, this may no longer be accurate at the time of writing. In addition, all asset trackers are listed in alphabetical order and not in any order of preference or quality. 

Below we’ve written a profile on each asset tracking provider in more detail. 


1. AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions)  

AMS delivers international fleet management across the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Europe. With three distinct non-truck asset trackers available, including custom solutions for boating, AMS offers a wide range of solutions. 

  • Fleet and trailer trackers from $17.30 per month with an upfront payment of $125 per device
  • Monthly costs of $19.99 with a 36-month contract (no upfront costs
  • Waterproofing and rugged models available 
  • Powered and non-powered asset trackers available 
  • GPS asset trackers with satellite antennas 
  • Multi-roaming SIM-card equipped options 
  • Autonomous devices with up to 1000 days of data available 
  • App and single dashboard for back-office management 
  • Suitable for trailers, powered assets, and heavy equipment 

AMS Website 

2. AutoConnect 

Autoconnect’s low-cost GPS asset trackers, designed for use in heavy equipment and powered assets. But, with scaling from 1-1000 assets, it’s an ideal solution for small fleets looking for non-invasive solutions. 

  • Plug & play asset trackers with minimal setup (not available on all asset trackers)
  • Costs from $16.99 per month 
  • Costs $109.95 with 3+ GPS trackers or $229.95 with one tracker 
  • Offers geofencing and live GPS tracking 
  • Live asset reporting, including location, speed, etc. 
  • Vehicle diagnostics for OBD equipped vehicles 
  • Route optimization 
  • Idle time reporting 
  • Asset management 
  • Integration int dispatch tools 
  • Driver ID management 

AutoConnect Website 

3. AT&T Fleet Complete   

AT&T Fleet Complete offers one of the largest fleet tracking solutions in the U.S. At the same time, its GPS asset trackers are available by the unit, for an affordable rate. 

  • All GPS trackers are connected to the AT&T network 
  • Location tracking 
  • Humidity, temperature, and light exposure monitoring 
  • Impact status 
  • GPS tracking and geofencing 
  • 36-month contract and term 
  • From $10 per month, with installation fees
  • Plug and play installation for powered & non-powered vehicles 
  • Full cloud management for real-time data
  • Solar options available 

AT&T Website 

4. Atti Fleet Tracking   

Atti’s asset tracking GPS systems include standard, shadow, and highly secure trackers. This makes it easy to fully secure your trailers and other assets, with or without driver knowledge. 

  • Three asset tracker modules available 
  • Weatherproof design 
  • 4G/5G cellular or satellite options available
  • Replaceable batteries that last up to 5 years
  • Programmable alerts for geofences, location, etc.
  • 10 second updates
  • Solar modules available
  • Shadow trackers can be hardwired or plug and play, for complete security 
  • Live asset tracking across the U.S. 
  • Global connection and coverage anywhere there is network connection 

Atti Website 

5. Automile  

Automile delivers 4 distinct asset trackers, with prices starting from $99. That makes it one of the better asset tracking companies for small-to-medium and especially mixed fleets. 

  • Suitable for bikes, electric vehicles, equipment, trailers, & more 
  • GPS trackers cost $99-$299 depending on model 
  • All models IP67-rated for water resistance
  • Integrate up to 10 sensors for temperature, humidity, etc. 
  • GPS motion sensor 
  • Uses AT&T network on LTE 
  • Installs with zip ties or screws 
  • Live map tracking with travel history 
  • Geofencing 
  • Battery alerts and updates 

Automile Website 

6. AwareGPS  

AwareGPS delivers two asset GPS tracking systems over the AT&T network. Its solution is ideal for small-to-mid-size fleets in need of light tracking for trailers, powered vehicles, and heavy equipment. 

  • Rugged and non-rugged asset trackers available 
  • IP66 rated devices 
  • 3-month rechargeable battery on the standard and 8-day rechargeable battery on the mini 
  • $79.99 per device with $19.50 or $14.99 monthly fees
  • Alerts for asset movement, power on/off, after hours usage, or no signal to the tracker
  • Maintenance tracking and updates via the mobile app 
  • Motion-activated sensor 
  • GPS reports every 10 minutes while powered / every 24-hours while on battery power
  • Hardwired and free installation options available 
  • No contracts 

AwareGPS Website 

7. Azuga   

Azuga’s GPS and trailer trackers link to real-time GPS with full integration into dispatch and transit. That makes Azuga a great option for tracking company assets across back office and route or dispatch management. 

  • Two asset trackers 
  • Rechargeable asset trackers available 
  • Up to 5- years of battery 
  • No pricing without a custom quote request 
  • Full integration into dispatch 
  • In-transit alerts with real-time GPS (updates every 10 minutes) 
  • Mobile app for updates and mobile tracking 
  • Set alerts for location, unauthorized use, time of day, etc. 
  • Optimize asset utilization 
  • Asset scheduling 

Azuga Website 

8. Brickhouse Security    

Brickhouse Security specializes in a GPS asset tracking system for mid-to-enterprise fleets. In fact, the organization provides asset tracking, with major clients including the New York State police. 

  • Wireless enabled trackers with LTE connections 
  • No contracts
  • Prices start from $12,99 per month, with a best-price guarantee
  • 4 asset tracker options 
  • Devices cost from $17.97
  • Geofencing capable 
  • Motion updates sent every 15 minutes 
  • WIFI and GPS tracking enabled
  • Up to 5 years of battery 
  • IP-67 rated

Brickhouse Security website 

9. BTracking   

BTracking offers tracking across trailers, heavy equipment, and other vehicles. Its company asset tracking solutions are geared towards fleets of >1000. 

  • Costs from $179.99 but up to $309.99 depending on model 
  • Trailer and asset configuration 
  • Zigbee connectivity 
  • Motion sensor to detect movement and tilt 
  • Built-in accelerometers
  • IP67 enclosures
  • Low-battery notifications 
  • Solar options available 
  • Wired connections available 
  • Ignition recognition and power tracking available 
  • Costs from $14.49 per month with one asset and $12.49 per month with 10 assets + a 2-year contract 

BTracking Website 

10. Clearpath GPS  

ClearPath GPS is an asset tracking provider geared towards mid-size fleets. The solution also offers full trailer management, including asset utilization for trailer pools. Therefore, you get more than just security and theft prevention. 

  • $15-$25 per month for powered and non-powered assets
  • Live map view of full fleet
  • Fleet utilization metrics
  • Track trailer pools and asset utilization 
  • Dual-powered, battery powered, and solar-powered trackers available 
  • Device pricing available on request 
  • Identify trailers and assets closest to job sites
  • Track load/unload times
  • Set alerts for ignition, engine hours, maintenance, etc. 
  • Track time on site for heavy equipment 

Clearpath GPS Website 

11. Coretex  

Coretex is one of the largest fleet management solutions for SMEs, with extensive trailer and reefer tracking solutions. That includes full ABS/EBS fault codes for trailers – with full integration into WABCO, Bendix, and Haldex braking systems. 

  • Set up and track individual trailers and configurations across all fleet sizes
  • Unpowered tracking available for up to several months 
  • Solar panel models available 
  • Install door monitoring alerts with workflows for different scenarios 
  • Integrate sensors for door locks and trailer locks 
  • Link trailers to the correct tractor using PLC, so drivers always know when they have the right trailer 
  • Pricing only available on request 

Coretex website 

12. ERoad 

ERoad is one of the world’s largest fleet management systems. It makes sense that its commercial asset trackers are some of the best you can choose. In fact, ERoad partners with Phillips Connect to deliver a full line of asset trackers and sensors. 

  • 3 asset tracking options 
  • Pricing from $25 per month (actual pricing only available with a custom quote) 
  • Solar-powered solutions available 
  • Batteries support up to 10,000 events 
  • Real-time location tracking with geofences
  • Time-on-location and arrival/departure notifications
  • Maintenance scheduling and monitoring 
  • Trailer and asset utilization management 
  • Full integration into dispatch 

ERoad Website 

13. Fleetlocate by Spireon 

FleetLocate delivers a fully modular fleet and asset tracking solution, with smart features. The company is also one of the only business asset trackers to provide real-time cargo-sensing. However, this solution is primarily designed for trailer and cargo assets. 

  • 2 asset tracking solutions available 
  • Solar or battery powered trackers
  • Additional sensors including solar panels, temperature, cargo sensor, door sensor, liftgate monitoring, and ATIS/TPMS (PSI) sensors
  • Suitable for dry-vans, chassis, flatbeds, liftgates, reefers, and tankers
  • Pricing available on demand 
  • Cargo load detection including load shift 
  • Camera support, with image storage for up to 45 days 

Spireon Fleetlocate Website 

14. Geotab    

Geotab offers one of the world’s most popular fleet trackers. It also offers GPS tracking devices for assets like trailers, containers, generators, and heavy equipment. Plus, with multiple options from different brand, Geotab ensures every fleet has solutions that meets its needs. 

  • 8 Asset tracking brands available including Phillips Connect and Geoforce
  • Integration into maintenance tracking 
  • Connect sensors for temperature, light changes, impact, and other data
  • Set up geofences with alerts for entering/exiting 
  • Report full asset utilization, including dwell time, yard movement, and exit/entrance times 
  • Manage maintenance costs and maintenance periods 
  • Bluetooth asset trackers available 
  • Costs available on request, based on number and type of asset trackers chosen 

Geotab Website 

15. goFleet     

goFleet offers a full range of GPS and satellite asset tracking, for full visibility of any fleet. Plus, with custom solutions for temperature tracking and reefers, goFleet is a great solution for mixed fleets. 

  • Heavy equipment and trailer trackers available 
  • Additional sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, battery power, light exposure, and motion or impact 
  • Real-time GPS tracking 
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Plug and play designs 
  • Up to 10 years of battery life on some models (best in the industry) 
  • Asset utilization optimization, with assets linked to facilities and locations 
  • Cold chain management tools 
  • Cellular and BLE options 
  • Pricing only available with custom quotes 

goFleet website 

16. GPS Insight  

GPS Insight specializes in GPS tracking devices for assets. While the company does provide some full fleet management tools, its primary specialization is asset management. That makes this brand a great call if you’re mostly concerned about monitoring locations and assets. 

  • Powered and non-powered solutions available 
  • Maintenance management 
  • Asset location updated every 10 minutes 
  • See run-time per location 
  • Track utilization across trailers and equipment 
  • Integrate additional sensors for temperature, humidity, ignition, etc. 
  • Integrate added security features, like Bluetooth-powered driver ID and remote panic buttons 
  • Link reports and dashboard to dispatch for asset utilization optimization 

GPS Insight Website 

17. GPSTrackit  

GPSTrackit offers GPS asset tracking solutions for trailers, heavy equipment, and non-powered devices. Unlike most competitors, GPSTrackit is heavily geared towards heavy equipment, making it a good choice for mixed and construction fleets. 

  • GPS updates every 10 minutes, with real-time pings available 
  • Geofencing with alerts
  • After-hours alerts 
  • Maintenance alerts and maintenance tracking 
  • Extra tools like remote start disable 
  • Full integration into billing, payroll, and dispatch 
  • Hardwired devices 
  • Pricing only available on request

GPSTrackit Website 

18. InTouchGPS   

InTouchGPS offers a range of GPS tracking for your fleet. This includes hardwired and battery-operated devices designed for powered and non-powered assets. It’s also one of the only brands on the market that uses AAA batteries – meaning you won’t have to worry about recharging batteries while on site. 

  • Multiple product options 
  • Pricing is only available on request 
  • Simple GPS trackers with GPS and positioning alerts only 
  • Tamper alerts
  • Adjustable ping rates 
  • 30–60-day battery life 
  • External antennae on GPS devices 
  • Custom mapping and landmarking or geofencing 
  • Free mobile app 

InTouchGPS Website 

19. Keeptruckin   

Keeptruckin is America’s most popular fleet management system. And, with asset tracker technology fully integrated into its dashboards and fleet management, there’s no reason not to have both. However, if you want “just” an asset tracker, Keeptruckin may not be the best fit. 

  •  Solar-powered asset gateway tracker 
  • Trailer trackers may also charge via the 7-way trailer connection 
  • GPS updates every minute with real-time pings available 
  • Geofences and alerts available 
  • Dwell Time, Dormancy, and Mileage reports available per asset 
  • Set alerts
  • See historical as well as real-time data
  •  Pricing only available on request 

Keeptruckin Website 

20. Linxup   

Linxup delivers low-cost asset tracking suitable for trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, and most other devices. In addition, as one of the few solutions not geared towards ELD, this cloud-based asset tracking solution is fully built around GPS. 

  • Plug & Play or Hardwired GPS trackers available 
  • GPS reports every minute with real-time pings 
  • Pricing from $19.50 per month 
  • Solar-powered options available 
  • Up to 3 years of battery life 
  • Additional sensors for temperature
  • Automatic notifications for unauthorized movement
  • Still & idle location racking 
  • Utilization monitoring 
  • Full cloud access and reports 

Linxup Website 

21. MiX Telematics  

MiX Telematics delivers a full suite of asset tracking tools, including GPS trackers and a cloud app. Like most competitors, MiX blends vehicle and asset tracking, making it a good fit for tractor and trailer fleets looking for insight into trailer utilization. 

  • Wired asset tracker for powered assets
  • Battery-operated tracker 
  • Wireless locator for nonpowered assets 
  • Service and licensing reminders per asset
  • Historical tracking data including trip replays
  • Life information streams
  • Detailed reports
  • Battery status and signal status alerts 

MiX Telematics Website 

22. NexTraq 

NexTraq is Michelin Group’s asset management solution. This makes it accessible, available across most of the U.S., and easy to find service for. In addition, NexTraq is one of the few satellite tracking solutions. 

  • Multiple powered and battery-powered asset trackers 
  • Suitable for tethered and mobile assets 
  • Up to 18 months of battery life 
  • Solar powered asset trackers available 
  • LTE or satellite tracking available 
  • Real-time location tracking, with 1–20-minute updates available 
  • Weatherproof trackers 
  • Pricing available on request 

NexTraq Website 

23. Omnitracs Solera   

Omnitracs is one of the largest fleet management and telematics platforms on the market. It’s also one of the most popular providers of tracking solutions. 

  • Real-time driver tracking 
  • GPS 
  • Pricing and models only available on request 
  • Route optimization and management 
  • Trailer utilization management 
  • Full integration into dispatch and load management 
  • Additional sensors such as temperature and humidity sensors available 
  • Unauthorized use/door open reports
  • Monitor usage to prevent trailer over use 

Omnitracs Website 

24. offers a diverse asset management solution. It’s also one of the only GPS trackers with full integration into JDL and Caterpillar VisionLink. That makes this provider stand out for anyone using those systems. 

  • No upfront fees
  • Costs from $13.95 per device, per month 
  • Solar powered asset trackers available 
  • Up to 10 years battery life 
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Motion detection 
  • Tamper alerts (wired only) 
  • Utilization optimization with idle time tracking 
  • Detention and location tracking 
  • Sensors for door open, temperature, humidity, etc. 
  • Adjustable updates, with pings every 30 seconds when wired

OneStepGPS website 

25. OneView Pedigree Technologies  

Pedigree Technologies’ OneView offers an asset management package with cellular or satellite data. OneView’s platform is also fully cloud based, with custom solutions across industries like food, retail, equipment, fleet management, equipment rental, and others. 

  • Plug & Play asset trackers
  • Satellite or cellular data 
  • GPS tracking with adjustable pings (daily to once per 10 minutes) 
  • Automatic alerts via email or SMS 
  • Geofencing 
  • Customizable reports 
  • Suitable for trailers, powered assets, and heavy equipment 
  • Data integrates into the OneView system for equipment management, work orders, customer alerts, etc. 

OneView Website 

26. PCS AT&M 

PCS delivers fleet and asset tracking solutions designed for trailers and fleet management. The app also offers custom load and shipment management tooling integrated into the asset tracking app, making this a great choice for mid-size fleets. However, with high upfront costs and no granularity for reducing costs, this is a best fit for fleets that need a full-service solution. 

  • Starts from $1000 per month with a $375 setup fee
  • Set delivery and arrival times and track by late and arrival status
  • Track availability for improved asset utilization 
  • Track load weight and max, to see when each trailer can take on more cargo 
  • Detailed load information associated with each trailer 

PCS Website 

27. PowerFleet 

PowerFleet offers multiple GPS asset trackers with full sensor capability. These are primarily designed for cargo and container assets. In addition, the solution is designed for bigger fleets and you’ll have to request a quote to see pricing. 

  • Custom solutions for installation inside storage containers and cargo 
  • Camera-enabled asset tracking 
  • Temperature, humidity, light, & pressure tracking 
  • Door-open/close alerts
  • Movement alerts 
  • LTE with 3G fallback 
  • Solar charging or battery options available 
  • Full asset tracking 
  • Asset utilization tracking 
  • Load-time monitoring 

PowerFleet Website 

28. Rand McNally    

Rand McNally is one of the most popular ELD providers in the country. But, it’s real-time asset tracking solutions are also a great option, whether you need ELD and fleet management or just asset management. 

  • Pricing available on request, but typically competitive
  • Solar-powered and battery powered trackers available 
  • Suitable for stationary (highway signage, generators) and mobile (trailers, heavy equipment, containers) assets
  • Pings every 30 minutes when in motion or every 24 hours when stationary 
  • Up to 90 days of battery 
  • Pre-configured installations install in minutes with zip ties or bolts  
  • Runs on LTE 

Rand McNally website 

29. Rhino Fleet Tracking    

Rhino Fleet Tracking offers asset tracking and management solutions designed for fleets, cargo, and assets. These trackers vary considerably in offerings, with options for containers and cargo as well as service vehicles and equipment. Plus, with the option to develop OEM integrations for most software, Rhino is an easy choice for brands using original software for fleet tracking. 

  • Powered and battery powered trackers available 
  • Asset trackers range from $29.95 to $99.95 
  • Monthly service costs average $9.95-$15.95 per tracker
  • Up to two years of battery 
  • Integration into Google Maps for tracking 
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Weatherproof trackers
  • Set ping rate at daily or every 10 minutes
  • Open API for full integration into most systems

Rhino Fleet Tracking website 

30. Samsara   

Samsara offers GPS asset tracking designed for equipment and construction sites – with software designed around powered asset tracking. The provider’s equipment reporting also integrates into its fleet tracking solutions. However, Samsara offers one of the strongest asset tracking-only solutions available. 

  • GPS tracking for powered and non-powered vehicles 
  • Custom solutions for stationary and temporarily stationed equipment
  • Powered solutions to monitor equipment status 
  • IP69K-rated waterproof enclosures
  • Tracking over LTE 
  • Set ping rates 
  • Add additional digital sensors or logic controllers for automation 
  • Track utilization 
  • Set alerts for geofences, uptime, allowed runtime, etc. 
  • Pricing is available for custom quotes only 

Samsara Website 

31. Switchboard    

Switchboard’s asset tracking and management solutions cover trailers and cargo. Plus, with full integration into general fleet management, Switchboard is ideal for cargo-only fleets. However, asset tracking is only available with an enterprise plan. This means Switchboard may not be the best fit for small fleets or owner-operators looking for trailer tracking. 

  • Powered asset trackers for trailers with 7-way connections 
  • GPS tracking with pings every few minutes
  • Set geofences and alerts when vehicles move in or out of those areas
  • Add additional sensors to track temperature, humidity, or door open/close 
  • Track asset utilization 
  • Monitor detention time to minimize costs 
  • 7-year guarantee on all asset trackers (best in the industry) 

Switchboard Website 

32. Teletrac Navman    

Teletrac Navman offers extensive tracking and fleet tools for nearly any industry. In addition, its GPS asset tracking solutions are customizable per vertical, so you always get the exact solutions you need. 

  • Create a modular software solution around the assets you have to track 
  • Implement jobsite management and track time on site 
  • Powered and non-powered asset trackers
  • Ideal for trailers, heavy equipment, reefers, and more 
  • Custom quotes available on request / no upfront pricing 
  • Maintenance tracking and scheduling per device
    Geofencing and devices 
  • IP67 rated
  • Integrates into OEM under the AEMP standard
  • Generate QR codes per asset 

Teletrac Navman Website 

33. TitanGPS    

TitanGPS is used by thousands of fleets for its GPS tracking solutions. These include custom and customizable software applications per vertical. For example, TitanGPS offers custom solutions for trailers, for snowplows, and for other specific heavy equipment. 

  • 9 different asset tracking modules available 
  • Powered, battery powered, and solar powered trackers available 
  • Pricing only available on request / no upfront pricing 
  • Up to 3,400 reports per battery (e.g., 8 years of battery life with daily pings) 
  • Sensor options for door sensors, temperature, etc. 
  • Geofencing and alerts 
  • Software for utilization management 
  • Location and downtime management 

TitanGPS Website 

34. Track Your Truck     

Track Your Truck is a fleet management solution offering GPS asset tracking solutions for small-to-mid-size fleets. With a small customer care team, it’s also a great choice for owner-operators in search of low-cost but small-business friendly solutions. 

  • Costs from $22 per month, per device 
  • Satellite and LTE tracking available 
  • Receive location pings every 15 minutes (or every 4 hours on the internal battery)
  • Hybrid powered/battery trackers
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Depot-to-depot tracking 
  • Internal antennas to prevent tampering 
  • Runs on Lithium AAA batteries (good for 700+ updates) 
  • Low battery notifications 

Track Your Truck Website  

35. Trimble Fleet Management    

Trimble’s GPS tracking solutions include 6 tracking devices and a unifying software platform to manage data across the full fleet. Trimble optimizes for tractor and trailer fleets. However, its tracking devices are suitable for cargo containers, heavy equipment, and even stationary assets. 

  • Custom solutions built using GPS hardware that meets your needs
  • Up to 12-channel GPS receivers
  • Track arrival/departure times
  • See global asset location
  • Fully battery powered options available 
  • Geofencing 

Trimble Website 

36. US Fleet Tracking    

US Fleet Tracking offers 2 asset trackers as well as software, intended for fleet and cargo management. Plus, with tools available per item and transparent pricing, this is a great fit for small fleets. 

  • GPS trackers cost $129 and $199 
  • Wired and battery powered trackers available 
  • Extra batteries available 
  • Some devices have a $19.95 setup fee
  • Tracking costs $24.95 per month with updates every 8 hours or $79.95 with updates every 5 minutes 
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • No monthly contracts 
  • Speed alert notifications 

US Fleet Tracking Website 

37. Verizon Connect     

Verizon Connect’s GPS and asset tracking software with custom solutions for equipment, trailers, and high value assets. Plus, with global coverage across Verizon’s LTE network, this is a great option for even the largest fleet. 

  • Hardwired and battery powered asset trackers
  • Software for asset utilization 
  • Track usage and travel data and map to scheduled maintenance 
  • 5 years battery life for powered assets, 10 years for non-powered
  • Tamper-proof devices
  • IP67 weatherproofing 
  • Customize ping rates based on device movement 
  • Set geofences and alerts
  • Add additional sensors for temperature changes, vibration, door movement, etc. 

Verizon Connect Website 

38. Webfleet  

Webfleet solutions offers extensive fleet management tools, as well as GPS asset monitoring solutions. These are primarily designed for trailers and cargo but fit into mixed fleets as well. 

  • GPS tracking with pings every 5 minutes
  • Utilization and management optimization 
  • Instant alerts via SMS or email when assets leave geofenced areas
  • Set up maintenance alerts per asset 
  • Connect temperature, trailer door status, etc., for additional information 
  • Link trailers to tractors for easier tracking and connection – even when employing owner-operators
  • 5,800mAH Li-ION battery 
  • Daily checks if the equipment or asset is in use 

Webfleet Website 

39. Wialon by Gurtam

Wialon is a GPS tracking software platform, which you can attach nearly any GPS tracker to.  This makes it a great fit if you already have GPS trackers and simply want to move to different software. Plus, with integration into thousands of GPS trackers, including Suntech, Orbcom, Shenzhen, and others – Wialon is very likely to support your trackers. 

  • Cloud or local hosting for full security
  • Works with nearly any hardware, including OEM 
  • Offers SDK and an open API 
  • The app supports satellite GPS monitoring
  • Full customization for what you track and why 
  • Ping devices in real time, down to the split second 
  • Add sensors for additional security or compliance data 
  • Leverage geofences of any complexity and set up alerts

Gurtam Website 

40. Zonar Systems    

Zonar’s asst tracking is ideal for construction and other heavy equipment tracking. However, with a maximum of four location pings per day, the ZTrak LTE is less suitable for trailers and highly mobile freight. 

  • GPS Tracking over LTE
  • 1-4 Location Pings per day 
  • Internal antenna
  • 5-year replaceable battery 
  • Mount with bolts, magnets, or tie wraps 
  • Waterproof and cold resistant 
  • 10 Year lifespan (with replaceable battery)

Zonar Systems Website 

Asset Tracking Q&A 

Choosing an asset tracker means reviewing dozens of fairly similar solutions across different brands. You likely still have questions. This FAQ should help. 

What is Asset Tracking? 

Asset tracking is normally another name for GPS tracking. Here, you install a GPS tracker onto a an asset. Usually, the tracker is installed in a hidden location, such as on top of the trailer, inside the case, etc. Asset trackers can also be bolted to frames, making them very difficult to remove. Then, these trackers ping an application every few minutes to once a day – giving their GPS location. If the asset goes missing, is stollen, is misplaced, or otherwise has to be found, that GPS data is there to help. 

Most also offer additional features, such as sending alerts when assets leave geofenced areas. This means you notice more quickly if something is stollen. Many also link into asset utilization software, so you can track when assets are or are not used – preventing costly rentals or underutilization of existing assets. 

What Processes Go into an Asset Tracking System? 

Most asset tracking systems use GPS linked to simple software and processes. At their most basic, asset tracking systems push a few updates per day to an app. More complex versions use complex IF and THEN rulesets to push data and alerts when certain conditions are met. 

In every case, setting up an asset tracking system means choosing a hardware and software system, and then uploading your assets one a time. This means logging into the software, activating the tracker, setting it up and labeling it, and then installing it according to manufacturer instructions. In some cases, asset tracking providers will handle the installation for you. From there, you can use the software to tailor alerts, set ping rates, and otherwise update each tracker to meet your needs. The only important thing is that you use a searchable and logical naming scheme across all your devices – and one which makes sense as devices are moved. 

What are the Benefits of Asset Monitoring? 

Asset monitoring can offer a number of benefits. The most obvious of these are loss and theft prevention. If you receive alerts when your assets move outside geofenced areas, you can react in time to recover that asset. This also extends to simple misplacement. If you don’t know where an asset is, you can log in and check where it is, saving hours of lost time, especially if you have to drive between sites. 

But, most asset trackers offer considerably more value. For example, you might be able to see when assets are used. That allows you to see which assets you do use, which are dead weight, and which you could use more of. You might be able to prevent costly equipment rental by better-utilizing equipment you already have. You can track which specific units are closest to job sites or drivers – making it easier to assign assets based on availability. Or, in the case of trailers, you can track detention time and prevent large costs. 

However, the exact benefits depend on the tracker and the software you’re using. If you have a GPS tracker that is sending pings once a day, its primary usage is in locating the asset in case of misplacement or theft. If you have a more complicated asset management solution in place, you can do much more with it. 


There are dozens of asset trackers on the market. Choosing one of them can be difficult. However, the top asset tracking companies all provide relatively similar services. You can choose based on your existing fleet management, based on costs, or based on specific offerings from the company. If you don’t have any of those concerns, your best bet is to do a price versus value comparison and choose accordingly. 

If you’re taking the latter route, we can help. Fill out the form on the top of the page and we’ll request competitive quotes from asset tracking providers – to save you time and money on your new asset tracking system.