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Best ELD Devices: 2023 Electronic Logging Device Comparison

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While there are dozens of ELD options, the best electronic logging devices are the ones that fit your fleet and its needs.  Today, the ELD mandate has been in effect for more than 2 years. The ELD market is maturing, meaning you have a range of providers offering different types of service aimed at different markets. While many top ELD providers are directly comparable to others, many focus on slightly different features such as fleet management, dashcams, or driver software in addition to electronic logging.

The following includes some of the best ELD devices on the market. All included models are FMCSA-compliant when run in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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The table below gives a quick price comparison of the top ELD providers in North America.

ELD DeviceMonthly CostInitial CostTotal Cost (yearly subscription)Contract LengthTotal Cost per vehicle/ Contract term
DriveELD Drive ELD$15+$0$180+12 Months$180+
EROAD EHUBO 2$35-$60$100 ($35 activation, $65 ECM cable)$420-$72036-60 Months$1360-$3700
EZLOGZ EZ-Smart ELD$29.99+ ($39.99+ with data plan)$0$359.78+Monthly$29.99+
Konexial My20 ELD$0-$38$129$0-$45612-36 Months$129- $1497
Konexial My20 ELD GPS$0-$38$199$300-$45612-36 Months$129 - $1567
Stoneridge EZ ELD Device$15 ($25+ with driver data plan)$169$180Monthly – 12 Months$195 - $319 (does not include data)
Teletrac Garmin Fleet 770$45+$0$540+36-60 Months$1620 - $2700
Teletrac Qube 300$45+$0$540+36-60 Months$1620 - $2700
Teletrac TN480$25 +$0$540+36-60 Months$1620 - $2700
TruckX Bluetooth ELD$18-$30$0$216-$3604-12 Months$72 - $360
TruckX Wired ELD Tablet$40$450$4804-12 Months$610 - $930
Zonar V4 Base Kit$22-$70+$200 + (Lease)$264-$84036-60 Months$992 - $4400
Zonar V4R Kit$22-$70+$200 + (Lease)$264-$84036-60 Months$992 - $4400
BigRoad DashLink$19.99 - $47+$0$239.88 - $564Monthly$19.99 - $47+
Blue Ink Technologies BIT ELD Adapter$0 - $30$295$0 - $360Monthly$295 - $325
Coretex Drive$46 +$200 - $350$55236 Months$1856- $2006
Geotab G09$28.99 +$99 +$347.88+36 Months$1140
Geotab G09 Rugged$28.99 + $79+$347.88+36 Months$1120
Gorilla Safety Connect ELD$19.99-$36.99$250$239.88 - $443.88Monthly$269.99 - $286.99
J.J. Keller ELogs$25.50 - $79.50$199$270 - $95436-Month$1009 - $2861
Omnitracs IVG$22.95 - $45.95$799$274.4 - $551.436-60 Month$1621 - $2169
Omnitracs AMG-C$22.95 - $45.95NA ($23/ Month Lease)$274.4 - $551.436-60 Month$1650 - $2750
Omnitracs XRS$22.95 - $45.95NA ($28/ Month Lease)$274.4 - $551.436-60 Month$1830 - $3050
Pedigree Cab-Mate Open$25 + (+$15 for data)$299-$399 + $75 installation fee $300 - $460 with data36 Months$1199 - $1854
Pedigree Cab-Mate One$25 + (+$15 for data)$599-$799 + $75 installation fee$300 - $460 with data36 Months$1499 - $2254
Pedigree Cab-Mate Connect$25 + (+$15 for data)$599-$799 + $75 installation fee$300 - $460 with data36 Months$1499 - $2254
Rand McNally DC 200$19 - $24.99+$399.99$228 - $359.436 Months$1083 - $1478.19
Rand McNally DC 200 S$19 - $29.95+$374.99$228 - $359.436 Months$1058.99 - $1437.6
Rand McNally ELD 50$19 - $29.95+$149.99$228 - $359.436 Months$833 - $1227.2
Samsara VG34 Vehicle Gateway$30$129$36036-60 Months$1209 - $1929
Switchboard ELD/HOS Module SB1$0-$10 (+$15-$20 for data plan)$200$0 - $42012 Months$200 - $620
Transflo ELD T-Series T7$28 - $31$109.99$336 - $37236 Months$117.99 - $1225.99
Trimble EDriver Logs$43-$60+$1,200 (Or lease)$516 - $720+NANA
Verizon Connect Reveal$35 - $200 +$0$420 - $240036 Months$1260 - $7200


Big Road

BigRoad offers a budget ELD solution with a wide range of fleet and asset management tooling. As one of the most popular electronic logging companies on the market, BigRoad has a lot to offer for small and large fleets alike.

Here’s what BigRoad’s best ELD device offers:

  • BigRoad DashLink ELD (BYOD Device)
  • $19.99 – $47 per month
  • Dashcams
  • Trailer Trackers
  • Month-to-Month Contract
  • GPS Tracking + Geofencing
  • IFTA Fuel Compliance
  • Driver Safety Management

BigRoad Website


BlueInk delivers ELD devices for light and mid-duty trucks, with a free ELD subscription and mid-range device. The ELD software is popular for its simplicity, ease of use, and reliability.

BlueInk’s ELD solutions include:

  • BIT ELD Adapter (BYOD Device)
  • Total Costs from $295 with Free App
  • Premium services (IFTA Fuel Tracking and GPS) from $30 per month
  • Driver-centric app and logging
  • Stable software
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Tire air pressure and air scales available
  • Month-to-Month Contract

BlueInk Website


With one of the oldest telematics platforms on the market, Coretex offers a tried and tested ELD platform. The brand offers fully customizable ELD software packages, with a strong focus on driver workflows and time management.

What do you get with Coretex ELD:

  • Coretex Drive (Tablet ELD)
  • Total Costs from $1856 (3-years)
  • 36-Month Contract
  • GPS + Geofencing + Asset Tracking
  • Offline Mode
  • Customizable rulesets and workflows
  • Dashcams
  • Driver safety management

Coretex Website


Geotab delivers a fully modular ELD solution complete with an ELD and a ruggedized version of the same device. The ELD provider is extremely popular, with multiple resellers on the market, delivering Geotab’s ELD hardware and software.

  • Geotab G09 and G09 Rugged (BYOD ELD)
  • Pricing from $28.99 per month
  • 36-Month Contract
  • Ruggedized solution with standards for Oilfield and Gas mining
  • Electronic signature support for document management
  • Built-in routing
  • Fleet reports with driver safety and vehicle diagnostics
  • Driver ID with NFC

Geotab Website

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Gorilla Safety

Gorilla Safety is a small ELD provider delivering a low-cost logging solution. As the hardware manufacturer for some well-known ELD providers like Fleet Tracking, Transafe, and TruckerPath, Gorilla Safety should be a top choice for many small fleets.

  • Connect ELD (BYOD ELD)
  • Month-to-Month Contract from $19.99
  • Unique closed-loop mechanic portal
  • Document management & signature
  • IFTA Fuel Tracking
  • Accident Investigation
  • Full Fleet Management
  • GPS Tracking

Gorilla Safety Website

JJ Keller

As one of the largest and most popular ELD companies, JJ Keller offers fleet management and compliance solutions for every fleet. JJ Keller is primarily a compliance company, with a full suite of ELD tools and training available.

The brand’s best ELD offers:

  • J. Keller ELogs (BYOD Device) from $199 with $349 (optional) tablet
  • Costs from $25.50 per month
  • Driver Training & Coaching included in the subscription
  • Audit support
  • Dashcams
  • CSA Scoring
  • Driver Safety & Performance Management
  • GPS & DVIRs available as premium features

JJ Keller Website


With over 1 million trucks and trailers using Omnitracs, the brand is undoubtedly the largest fleet management provider on the market. The company offers mid-range pricing with modular contracts and multiple devices.

Omnitracs delivers:

  • 3 ELD devices to choose from
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Vehicle diagnostics and fault code management
  • Routing, GPS + Geofencing & Trailer Tracking
  • IFTA Fuel Tracking & Reporting
  • Driver workflows
  • Driver safety coaching
  • Critical event reports

Omnitracs Website


Pedigree is a fleet management and ELD company specializing in ELD, trailer trackers, and sensors. The brand is popular for its reefer management, fuel sensors, and complete telematics solution.

Pedigree’s ELD solution offers:

  • 3 ELD devices, BYOD and tablet-based
  • Humidity, temperature, and fuel sensors
  • Pricing from $25 per month + $299 for the ELD
  • 36-Month Contract Terms
  • Dashcams
  • Driver Coaching
  • DVIRs and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Document management

Pedigree Technologies Website

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Rand McNally

Rand McNally is an ELD company with a strong focus on GPS, routing, and fleet management. The solution is praised by small and large fleets alike, thanks to complete solutions for drivers who want truck, route, and fleet management.

Rand McNally delivers one of the best ELD solutions:

  • 3 ELD solutions (BYOD and Touchscreen)
  • Prices from $19.99 per month + $149+ for the ELD
  • Trailer and Asset Tracking
  • 36-Month Contract
  • GPS + Geofencing + Routing
  • Engine diagnostics and service alerts
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Tracking

Rand McNally Website


Samsara is a small ELD company but delivers a strong solution highly praised by its users. The brand focuses on connecting every aspect of trucking to the cloud, for a fully real-time fleet management experience.

  • Samsara VG34 Vehicle Gateway (BYOD Device)
  • Costs from $30 per month + $129 for ELD
  • Full range of sensors with environment, door, privacy, and panic buttons available
  • Offline mode
  • 36-month contract
  • GPS + Geofencing with Trailer Tracking
  • Fuel Management + IFTA Fuel Purchase Reports
  • Routing Software

Samsara Website


Switchboard delivers a stripped-down budget ELD solution, focused on offering low costs for small fleets and owner-operators. The company delivers a strong solution primarily centered around HOS compliance:

Switchboard’s best ELD device:

  • Switchboard ELD/HOS Module SB1 (BYOD device)
  • Costs from $$10 per month (+$15-$20 for Data) + $200 ELD device + (optional) $200 ELD tablet
  • 12-Month Contract
  • GPS + Trailer Tracking
  • Vehicle Diagnostics + DVIRs
  • Dashcams
  • Weigh Station Bypass

Switchboard Website

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Transflo is best known for its Truckstop document scanning tools but also delivers an extremely popular budget ELD. It is one of the best reviewed ELD providers in the industry, with over 37,000 public reviewers mostly raving about the service.

Transflo’s ELD solutions include:

  • Transflo ELD T-Series T7 (BYOD Device)
  • Costs from $28 per month + $109 ELD
  • GPS with Trailer Tracking
  • 3-Year Contract
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Document Management
  • Driver Behavior Management with Accident Detection
  • Electronic Processes and Workflows

Transflo Website


Trimble, formerly known as PeopleNet, is one of the pioneers of ELD technology. They deliver one of the most comprehensive fleet and vehicle management solutions available, and one of the most popular ELDs.

Trimble’s best ELD solution includes:

  • EDriver Logs (Touchscreen tablet)
  • Prices from $43 per month + $1200 ELD
  • Automated Hours of Service
  • Complete Fleet Management Available
  • GPS + Geofencing with Trailer Management & Supply Chain Visibility
  • Line 4 Log Auditing + Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Navigation and Routing
  • Dozens of Driver Apps for Scanning, Documentation, etc.

Trimble Website

Verizon ELD

Verizon delivers an ELD solution aimed at mid-to-enterprise size fleets, complete with data migration, account managers, and a complete suite of tools. It’s ELD and fleet management are popular with administrators for delivering full vehicle and asset oversight, across one of the largest data networks in the USA.

Verizon’s ELD offers:

  • Verizon Connect Reveal (Touchscreen ELD)
  • Costs from $35 per month (device included)
  • 36-Month Contract
  • Trip Scheduling & Routing
  • Dashcams
  • GPS + Geofencing with Trailer Tracking
  • Temperature sensors with remote control
  • Integrations library
  • Field Service platform

Verizon Connect Website

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Drive ELD

Drive ELD delivers one of the cheapest ELD solutions on the market, The brand offers a full compliance solution with fleet management, while maintaining stellar user and fleet manager reviews.

DriveELD’s solution offers:

  • DriveELD (BYOD device)
  • From $15 per month (Including ELD hardware)
  • 12-Month Contract
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Management
  • DVIRs and Vehicle Diagnostics
  • GPS + Routing with CoPilot turn by turn navigation
  • Dashcams
  • Driver workflows

Drive ELD Website


EROAD is an immensely popular ELD delivering low-cost solutions for compliance and fleet management. While based in Australia, EROAD is one of the top ELD solutions in the USA.

EROAD delivers one of the best ELD solutions with:

  • EROAD EHUBO 2 (tablet ELD)
  • Prices from $35 per month (including hardware) with $35 activation fee and $65 cable fee
  • 36-Month Contract
  • Integrated API
  • Driver Account Management
  • GPS
  • Fuel Cost and Fuel Tax (IFTA and Other) management
  • Driver Safety and Vehicle Management

Eroad Website


Ezlogz is a mid-range ELD company offering one of the largest feature sets of any other company in its price class. The brand also delivers a strong, stable solution, with a high approval rating from fleet managers and drivers alike.

The Ezlogz ELD includes:

  • EZ-Smart ELD (BYOD ELD)
  • Costs from $29.99 per year (including hardware) + optional $10 per month for a data plan
  • Passenger and Load managemetn with Driver Workflows
  • GPS + In-app navigation
  • Fuel tracking + Fuel Tax management
  • DVIRs and Vehicle Maintenance Management
  • Reefer management with remote control
  • Dashcams

Ezlogz Website


Konexial delivers a mid-range to budget ELD solution, appropriate for small to mid-size fleets. The ELD provider is immensely popular with its fleets, especially owner-operators and 3-10 vehicle fleets.

Konexial offers:

  • My20 ELD & My20 ELD GPS
  • Pricing from $25 per month + $129-$199 hardware costs
  • Software designed for small fleets
  • Fuel tax tracking
  • Vehicle diagnostics and DVIRs
  • GPS + Geofencing
  • Document Management
  • Routing & Logistics Management

Konexial Website

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Stoneridge delivers a mix of low-cost ELD software and diverse features, with a loyal customer base. As a parts manufacturer, Stoneridge is also one of the only ELD providers building their hardware in house.

Stoneridge’s best ELD offers:

  • EZ ELD Device (BYOD ELD)
  • Pricing from $15 per month ($169 hardware costs)
  • Monthly Contract ($19 discount for a 1-Year Subscription)
  • DVIRs & Vehicle Management
  • GPS Tracking with Live Track and Trace
  • Dashcams
  • Remote controls for trailer, body, cab, & other security
  • Scan & Drive ELD Pairing

Stoneridge Website


Teletrac Navman is one of the largest global GPS providers, delivering a mid-range ELD solution complete with fleet management and GPS routing. Teletrac is designed for mid-to-enterprise size fleets and requires a minimum of 3 fleets.

Teletrac’s ELD device offers:

  • 3 ELD Solutions Including Touchscreen & BYOD
  • Prices from $45 per month including hardware
  • 36-Month Contract
  • GPS Tracking, Routing, & Geofencing with Route Optimization
  • Vehicle Diagnostic, DVIRs, and Maintenance Logs
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Tracking + Fuel Usage Data
  • Dashcams
  • Business Intelligence

Teletrac Navman Website


TruckX is a budget ELD provider offering an HOS-focused fleet-management solution. While stripped down compared to some competitors, TruckX delivers what you need for ELD compliance across small to mid-size fleets.

TruckX’s ELD Devices Include:

  • BYOD and Tablet ELD options
  • From $18 per month (with hardware), or $40 per month and $480 for the Wired ELD Tablet
  • 4-12 Month Contract Options
  • GPS Tracking
  • Mobile Dispatch
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Tracking
  • DVIRs
  • Offline Mode

TruckX Website

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As a pioneer in the AORDB market, Zonar is one of the oldest electronic logging companies on the market. The company has a strong fleet management solution, with users praising customer service and in-app innovations.

Zonar’s best ELD device offers:

  • 2 Options, V4 Base Kit and V4R Kit
  • 36-60 Month Contract
  • Pricing from $22 per month + Hardware (Costs NA)
  • Cloud Portal with Form and Document Management
  • Driver/Administrator Log Management
  • GPS Tracking + Geofencing with Trailer Tracking
  • Dashcams
  • Vehicle Maintenance Plus EVIR

Zonar Website

Best ELD Devices FAQ

If you have questions before choosing your ELD, check our FAQ here. If you still have questions, feel free to send us an email.

What is the Best ELD for Owner Operators?

In most cases, the “Best ELD” heavily depends on your organization’s specific needs. For owner-operators, that will normally be “Budget”. Providers like DriveELD, Konexial, Stonedridge, and Switchboard offer quality ELD solutions for $200 or less per year. Of course, you may need more advanced features, such as reefer management, fuel management, etc., in which case a different ELD will be right for you.

What can you do? Consider which features you need, calculate what will save you money and how much, and set a budget accordingly. Cutting paper logs will already save you a lot of time, but in-app GPS routing might save you $15+ per month on a separate GPS device as well. It’s important to review total needs and costs when looking at options.

Note: We’ve recently created a guide to the best ELD for owner-operators.

Who is Exempt from the ELD Rule?

Many vehicles are exempt from the ELD ruling. This includes:

  • Commercial vehicles weighing 10,000 lbs. or less
  • Short-haul drivers
  • Drivers who drive no more than 8 days in a 30-day period
  • Drive-away/Tow-away operations
  • Vehicles manufactured pre-2000
  • Truck Renting & Leasing Association Drivers
  • Motion Picture Association of America Drivers
  • United Parcel Service Drivers

Most of these drivers are still required to maintain a record of duty with paper logs, an AORDB, or an ELD.

Can You Edit Drive Time on ELD?

Yes and no. Drivers can normally make changes by changing the Driver to another Driver logged in during Drivetime. Most ELD also allow drivers to adjust records with notes. However, to remain FMCSA compliant, the ELD cannot delete logged drive time. This means any app that allows you to modify driving time is not FMCSA compliant. However, different apps offer different workarounds. In most cases, you will see the following solutions:

  • No drive time edits supported
  • Driver notes regarding reasons for changes with administrator approval
  • Driver edits to logs with a co-driver
  • Driver edits to logs with a co-driver signed in for the driving period
  • Administrator edits to logs with driver approval

In any case where an edit directly affects the original logged driving hours, doing so may risk FMCSA compliance. If editing logs is important, research options based on this before choosing an ELD as some do not offer the option at all.

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Can Truckers Still Use Paper Logs?

Yes. However, if you are required to use ELD, you also have to maintain the electronic logs. This shows that drivers are recording accurate logs because data is automatically collected from the engine. In most cases, drivers should have at least 10 days of paper logs in the cab at all times. This is required by law in case the electronic logging device fails.

Drivers who are not required to use ELD are required to maintain logs anyway. In this case, you may choose to use paper logs. However, you may spend significantly more time doing so than with an electronic log.

Get Electronic Logging Devices Quotes

There are dozens of great ELD devices on the market. Most of them have something to offer, with many offering a unique combination of features and services. In some cases, selling points might be the location (such as an office near yours), quality service, or specific fleet management solutions you need. In any case, the best ELD device is always the one that offers the most for your organization. That means reviewing total features, prospective cost-savings, and what offerings like trailer tracking, reefer management, GPS, and other fleet management will actually do for your organization. Eventually, the question is usually a matter of cost versus functionality, so the budget isn’t always the clear-cut winner.

If you’re ready to choose an ELD provider, we can help. Fill out the form at the top of this page to receive 3-4 ELD quotes customized to your fleet and its needs. We choose providers that suit your needs, contact the provider for you to reduce wait time, and work to get you the best deal possible.

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