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Top 50 Best Telematics Companies: Provider Solutions & Systems

Telematic systems are essential to modern fleet management. In fact, most fleets rely on having telematics data to plan logistics, track fleets, and keep customers informed. In most cases, telematics provide GPS data, in-vehicle communication, and vehicle maintenance tracking. You can also monitor driver behavior, potential accidents, and much more. Fleets use this data to save on costs, fuel usage, and to reduce accidents. As a result, dozens of vehicle telematics companies exist to deliver these solutions. In fact, there are over 300 telematics companies registered in the United States.

Choosing between different telematics providers can be difficult. Many offer specific benefits or features. Others are good choices for fleets in specific locations, because they have easier access to customer service. And, many offer coverage to different areas. This list of the 50 best telematics companies on the market covers some of the most popular. It also covers some of why you might pick one over the other. However, that will entirely depend on your fleet.

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Below is a price comparison table of the top 50 best telematic service providers in the USA.

Telematics ProviderFixed Upfront Cost* (per truck)Monthly Subscription Cost* (per truck)Headquarters Founded
AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions)$125$17.30-$25.99Florida2009
AT&T Fleet CompleteNANAGeorgia1998
Atti Fleet TrackingNANAHouston, Texas1995
Automile$99-$299$19.90-$25.90Palo Alto, California2013
Azuga$0-$99$22-$25San Jose, California2012
BigRoad$0$19.99+Toronto, Ontario2011
Blue Ink Technologies$295$0-$15Huntington, West Virginia2014
Brickhouse SecurityNA$12.99+New York, New York2005
Bridgehaul$0$17.50+New Orleans, Louisiana1995
Cal AmpNANAIrvine, California1981
CarrierWebNANAAtlanta, Georgia2006
CartrackNANASanta Monica, California2004
Chevin FleetWave>$20$5-$10Fitchburg, Massachusetts1990
Clearpath GPSNA$15-$25Santa Barbara, California2013
Continental AGNANAFairlawn, Ohio1871
CoretexNANANew York, New York2003
Daimler Fleetboard GmbHNANANA2003
DonlenNANABannockburn, Illinois1965
Eaglei GPS  TrackingNANAOntario1996
Element Fleet ManagementNANASparks, Maryland2007
Enterprise Fleet ManagementNANASt. Louis, Missouri1957
Eroad$100$35-$60New Zealand2000
Ezlogz$0$29.99+Vancouver, Washington2013
FleetioNA$5-$8Birmingham, Alabama2012
Geotab$99-$200NALas Vegas, Nevada2000
goFleet$99-$200NAManhattan, New York2010
Gorilla Safety$150-$250$19.99-$36.99Spring, Texas2013
JJ Keller$199-$349$25.20Neenah, Wisconsin1953
KeepTruckin$149+$20+San Francisco, California2013
Navistar Inc.$154$14.95+Chicago, Illinois1986
NextraqNANAAtlanta, Georgia2000
OmnitracsNA$23+Dallas, Texas1988
Onfleet$0$350+ per month (unlimited drivers)San Francisco, California2012
OrbcommNANAUltica, New York1993
Oneview Pedigree TechnologiesNA$25+Fargo, North Dakota2012
QuartixNANAChicago, Illinois2001
Rand McNally$149-$450+$18.99-$24.99Chicago, Illinois1856
Rhino Fleet Tracking$39.99 + $25$15.95-$21.95Argyle, Texas2007
Samsara$199-$399+NASan Francisco, California2015
SwitchboardNANAWestborough, Massachusetts2013
Teletrac Navman$0$25+Garden Grove, California1988
Track Your TruckNA$14.99+Lynchburg, Virginia1998
Transflo$109.99$28-$31+Tampa, Florida1991
Trimble Fleet ManagementNANASunnyvale, California1978
Verizon ConnectNANAAtlanta, Georgia2018
Webfleet by TomTom TelematicsNANANA1999
Zonar SystemsNANAKent, Washington2001
Zubie$0-$399$18-$27Bloomington, Minnesota2012

Below we’ve outlined each of the top telematics device manufacturers in more detail.

Note: Companies are ranked in no particular order and this no way indicates one solution is better than another.


1. AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions)

Asset Monitoring Solutions or AMS is a telematics company founded in 2009. Today, the company delivers full-service telematics and fleet management solutions. These include GPS, equipment trackers, and real-time trailer tracking.

  • Prices range from $17.30-$25.99 per month, per vehicle
  • Telematics units can be purchased for $125
  • No-contract options available
  • SIM-Card supported
  • Black box solutions available
  • Full cloud management
  • “Real Time” location data pushed to the portal every 60 seconds
  • Support across the U.S. and U.K

AMS website

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2. AT&T Fleet Complete

AT&T Fleet Complete is one of the largest telematics solutions in the country. In addition to fleet management, AT&T offers other services. For example, tracking, task management, asset management, and dispatch and field-service management.

  • Complete fleet management
  • Dispatch solutions
  • Nation-wide coverage over AT&T network
  • Cost-management and reduction algorithms
  • Customers report average costs at $112 per truck per month but you need a custom quote
  • Fuel management
  • Safety & compliance management with integrated training
  • Task & Load management tooling

AT&T Fleet Complete website

3. ATTI Fleet Tracking

ATTI or Advance Tracking Technologies uses GPS powered telematics systems for security, logistics, and fleet tracking. The company also provides full fleet cost management including fuel, maintenance, and idle monitoring.

  • GPS and Satellite-assisted tracking
  • Tracking with keypads and mobile-app logins
  • Battery powered devices
  • Complete fuel usage data available
  • Engine usage data tracking
  • Maintenance and field maintenance support
  • Geofencing
  • Route optimization

ATTI Fleet Tracking Website

4. Automile

Automile delivers telematic solutions to over 15,000 customers in the United States. Additionally, Automile offers a range of devices to meet different fleet needs.

  • FMSCA certified for Hours-of-Service logging
  • Pricing ranges from $19.90-$25.90 per month per vehicle (device not included)
  • Devices cost $99-$299 per vehicle
  • Free app and web app with data loaded every 10 seconds
  • Support for multi-drivers
  • Scheduled reports
  • Paperless vehicle inspections
  • Fleet activity and driving safety tracking

Automile website

5. Azuga

Azuga offers telematics reporting and advanced tracking like dashcams. The company powers these solutions with an advanced AI intended to simplify fleet management and tracking.

  • FMCSA eLog compliant
  • Full-Service solution
  • Field service management
  • App marketplace
  • Monthly fees range from $22-$25
  • Device fees are $0-$99
  • Monthly flex plans available
  • Integrated coaching

Azuga website

6. BigRoad

BigRoad is one of the largest telematics service providers in North America. Additionally, it’s one of the highest-rated ELD solutions.

  • FMSCA certified eLogs and HoS tracking
  • 2 telematics options from $19.99-$47 per month
  • Devices are free with a 12-month subscription
  • Backend management and fleet management from $15 per user
  • No contracts required (monthly rolling contract)
  • Trailer tracking & asset management available
  • Dashcams available

BigRoad website

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7. Blue Ink Tech

Blue Ink Tech or BIT is one of the top telematics companies in the country. While small, the provider is popular, well-reviewed, and delivers full-service solutions.

  • Device costs from $295
  • Fully FMSCA certified for ELD and HOS
  • Monthly costs range from $0-$15 per month per vehicle
  • Integrated IFTA fuel tracking
  • GPS and Geofencing options
  • One of the only free ELD solutions (buy the device and the subscription is free)
  • Air scale solutions for real-time weight tracking
  • Vehicle diagnostics including fuel and air pressure

Blue Ink Tech website

8. Brickhouse Security

BrickHouse Security launched in 2005 but has since gone on to be one of the largest telematics companies in the USA. In fact, this GPS tracking provider delivers services to the NYPD, the Department of Homeland Security, and PepsiCo.

  • FMSCA compliant for ELD and HoS
  • Rates start at $12.99 per month, per truck
  • SIM-Capable trackers
  • International support with satellite tracking
  • Cloud portal for backend management
  • Live vehicle tracking updated every 60 seconds
  • Monthly contracts

Brickhouse Security website

9. Bridgehaul

Bridgehaul is best known as a dispatch and load management application. However, they’re also highly rated telematics solutions providers.

  • Full-service dispatch management
  • Logistics planning & management
  • FMSCA compliant ELD
  • Costs from $17.50 per month with no upfront charges
  • Integrated dispatch and load management
  • Custom reporting tools with support for payrolling and taxes
  • Maintenance and field maintenance support
  • Monthly contract

Bridgehaul website

10. Cal Amp

Cal /Amp deliver real-time telematics systems for fleet, asset, and work management. The tooling includes scalable fleet management for logistics, fleet management, and project management.

  • Real-time GPS data for trucks, reefers, and non-powered assets
  • Maintenace scheduling with real-time engine fault alerts
  • Logistics management for pallet visibility
  • Asset tracking integrated into project management
  • Multiple plan options for small to enterprise businesses
  • Dashcams and driver safety technology included
  • Proximity sensors and tags
  • Full cloud dashboard for backend management

Cal/Amp website

11. CarrierWeb

CarrierWeb offers vehicle tracking for fleets ranging from owner-operators to enterprise. Plus, with full TMS integration, they’re one of the best fleet telematics companies for owner-operators.

  • FMSCA certified solutions for ELD and HoS
  • Free ELD app available
  • Integrated maintenance management
  • Reefer management with compliance tracking
  • Non-powered device and trailer tracking
  • Document & invoice scanning
  • Vehicle tracking with updates every 3-10 minutes
  • Fleet reporting tools

CarrierWeb website

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12. Cartrack

With over 75,000 companies using Cartrack, the company is one of the largest telematics service providers in the world. Cartrack provides fleet tracking as well as complimentary services, for a complete solution.

  • ELD and GPS tracking
  • Driver safety with dashcams
  • Engine maintenance and scheduling
  • Reefer management
  • Completely customizable sensors for vehicles (seat management, cargo door, etc.)
  • Fuel monitors
  • Dispatch management solutions
  • Full training for drivers and back-office staff

Cartrack website

13. Chevin FleetWave

Chevin FleetWave sells advanced telematics technology. In addition to GPS, the company delivers digital work, forms, and maintenance management, complete with AI tools.

  • Fleet tracking with GPS
  • Vehicle safety and accident risk tracking
  • DVIRs and maintenance tracking
  • Digital paperwork and invoicing
  • Stock-inventory management provided
  • Integrated vendor management
  • Routing tools
  • Costs range from $5-$10 per vehicle, per month
  • Equipment costs from 50 cents per month

Chevin FleetWave website

14. Clearpath GPS

Clearpath GPS is a fleet telematics system with GPS and a dashcam. Simple service and transparent pricing make this telematics provider a popular choice for many.

  • GPS tracking with real-time alerts
  • Geofencing
  • Pricing ranges from $15-$25 per month per vehicle
  • Monthly rolling contract
  • Open API access
  • Dashcams cost $30 per month per vehicle
  • Powered & non-powered vehicle tracking plans

Clearpath website

15. Continental AG

Continental AG is best-known for its tires but it’s also one of the largest telematics device manufacturers. However, Continental’s telematics hardware is mostly paired with other ELD apps, like the Zonar app.

  • Large-scale telematics hardware, ideal for enterprise fleets
  • Integrated weighing solutions
  • Open API ideal for companies with their own software solutions
  • Full equipment management for powered and non-powered devices
  • Fleet management portal
  • Real-time GPS tracking

Continental AG website

16. Coretex

Coretex telematics technology includes trackers, cams, and temperature sensors. These solutions are shared in real-time, for complete vehicle, worker, and work tracking.

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • FMSCA ELD compliance
  • Vehicle inspections with maintenance tracking
  • Integrated work management with RFID for proof of delivery/service
  • Fleet maintenance tracking with engine diagnostics
  • Client management & location management
  • A top solution for integrated sensors and in-app data
  • Reefer management

Coretext website

17. Fleetboard

Fleetboard delivers telematics solutions to over 360,000 vehicles. The telematics provider also offers full-service solutions, with driver, trip, trailer, and performance management.

  • Ideal for small-to-mid-size fleets
  • Offline ELD for compliance without the cost of SMS data
  • Link trailers to trucks for better fleet management
  • Vehicle positioning and mapping
  • Logistics implementation
  • Integrated driver/back-office messaging
  • Time-management for HOS and Payroll

Fleetboard website

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18. Donlen

Donlen’s intelligent telematics solution comes integrated into new Ford model trucks. The supplier is also incredibly popular for delivering smart software, integrated coaching, and big fleet solutions.

  • Donlen fleet management is a full-service solution
  • Subscriptions come with Nauto telematics hardware
  • Donlen software is fully integrated into Ford, OnStar, and other OEM telematics
  • Integrated cost-reduction AI
  • Driver coaching for safety and fuel-use reduction
  • Predictive analytics for costs
  • One of the best telematics solutions for large fleets

Donlen website

19. EAGLEi GPS Tracking

EAGLEi GPS tracking is a small telematics solution company with asset tracking. While small, EAGLEi has a following of loyal small fleets, some of whom have used the platform since it launched in 2007.

  • One platform for diverse fleet management
  • Cross-service and multi-fleet support
  • Ideal for small, multi-solution fleets
  • Automated reporting
  • Asset Tracking
  • Fuel Management & IFTA filing
  • Free trial including hardware

EAGLEi GPS website

20. Element Fleet Management

Element Fleet Management is a telematics technology provider with a focus on networking. This focus means trucks are more likely to stay online – with guaranteed uptime and network.

  • Custom solutions designed around your fleet
  • Finance and cost management tools
  • Engine data integrated into maintenance programs
  • Automation tooling for fleet management
  • Free strategic consultation
  • Multiple hardware choices
  • Costs scaled to your fleet and needs
  • Advanced reports and AI filtering

Element Fleet Management website

21. Enterprise Fleet Management

With 50 offices across the U.S., Enterprise Fleet management might be the largest fleet telematics solutions provider in the U.S. In fact, Enterprise Fleet Management delivers telematics to over 2 million vehicles.

  • Fleet telematics from a fleet owner
  • Proactive fleet management
  • Maintenance and vehicle status management
  • Custom plans and pricing based on your fleet
  • Ongoing hands-on optimization and performance improvement
  • Ideal for scaling fleets without existing infrastructure

Enterprise Fleet Management website


EROAD is a mid-range ELD provider offering global telematics solutions. Additionally, its highly rated by users, who love diverse technology, integrated apps, and budget pricing.

  • FMSCA compliant ELD and HoS
  • Monthly fees range from $35-$60
  • $100 in activation fees with a 3–5-year contract
  • Full GPS tracking and Geofencing
  • Dashcams and driver safety tools available
  • Open API
  • All-in-one touchscreen blackbox & ELD
  • Tax and fuel tax support

EROAD website

23. Ezlogz

EzLogz is a telematics system provider focusing on eLogs and ELD. Today, it’s used by over 50,000 drivers from mostly small-to-mid-size fleets.

  • FMSCA compliant ELD and HoS
  • Costs $29.99 per month with available extras
  • No startup fees with a contract
  • Monthly rolling contract with no cancellation fees
  • Cloud portal with real-time data
  • Free app for drivers and managers
  • Reefer management
  • Driver safety management with dashcams available

Ezlogz website

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24. Fleetio

Fleetio is a telematics solution with simple pans and transparent pricing. Plus, with custom solutions for multi-fleet and specialty services, this telematics provider has a lot to offer for most fleets.

  • Integrates ELD data
  • $5-$8 per vehicle, per month
  • Full-service telematics, including fuel management
  • Inspection and DVIRs
  • Open API
  • Free Mobile App
  • Parts and repairs management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Work orders management

Fleetio website

25. FleetLocate

FleetLocate delivers telematics technology from simple GPS to full fleet management. Plus, with full integration into Ford and OnStar OEM telematics, FleetLocate is ideal for mid-to-large size fleets.

  • Fully customizable telematics
  • IFTA reporting
  • Free mobile app
  • GPS tracking & GPS
  • Software plans for GPS to full fleet maintenance
  • Aftermarket and OEM support
  • Integration with OnStar diagnostics & maintenance
  • Door lock and remote engine shutoff features

FleetLocate website

26. Geotab

With over 2 million telematics devices on the road, Geotab is one of the largest telematics vendors in the U.S. Additionally, Geotab allows you to use its telematics device with other software and its software with other hardware.

  • GPS tracking and geofencing
  • FMSCA compliant ELD & HoS
  • Partner Platform for using your existing fleet of hardware
  • Hardware pricing ranges from $99-$200 per device
  • Fleet maintenance with benchmarking tools
  • Dashcams and driver safety available
  • Full routing and dispatching management
  • Asset tracking & non-powered device tracking

Geotab website

27. GoFleet

GoFleet pairs its software with the GeoTab Go ELD device to offer real-time telematics solutions. The software provider also offers full asset management and maintenance to over 3,000 fleets.

  • Software telematics platform
  • ELD from $99-$299
  • Dashcams and driver safety offerings
  • Work planning and routing tools
  • Full dispatch planning
  • Fuel & maintenance planning with AI
  • Car sharing
  • Integrates OEM telematics devices

GoFleet website

28. Gorilla Safety

While small, Gorilla Safety has become a favorite telematics system for many small fleets. With low pricing and transparent rates, Gorilla makes budgeting easy even for owner-operators.

  • A Telematics hardware manufacturer used by Fleet Tracking, TranSafe, and others
  • Devices range from $150 – $250
  • Monthly rates range from $19.99 to $36.99 per truck
  • FMSCA compliant ELD and HoS
  • Free app
  • Integrated document manager
  • Maintenance and repair tracking
  • Mechanic portal

Gorilla Safety website

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29. JJ Keller

JJ Keller is probably the largest of the top three telematics companies in the U.S, next to KeepTruckin. The ELD supplier tracks 600,000 users with ELD, dashcams, and other technology available.

  • Multiple ELD and telematics devices available
  • Device costs range from $199-$349
  • Software costs start at $25.50 per month and go up to $50+
  • Fully customizable plans based on your needs
  • Dashcams and driver safety options included
  • 3-year contract with startup fee
  • FMSCA compliant ELD and HoS
  • Maintenance tracking with engine data and alerts

JJ Keller website

30. KeepTruckin

KeepTruckin is one of the most popular ELD and telematics providers in the United States. While originally geared towards smaller fleets, KeepTruckin also delivers solutions for every fleet size.

  • Telematics devices from $149
  • Subscriptions start at $20 and go up to $35 per month, per vehicle, with add-ons available
  • FMSCA compliant ELD and HoS
  • 12-month contracts
  • IFTA Fuel Calculations
  • Dashcams and driver safety consultation available
  • Free driver app
  • Real-time GPS tracking or offline mode

KeepTruckin website

31. Navistar OnCommand Connection

Navistar is one of the world’s largest trucking companies, but it launched its telematics solution in 2017. Today, the company delivers one of the most advanced mechanical and logistics telematics options on the market.

  • Live tracking for your full fleet
  • Proactive engine maintenance and fault repair
  • Alerts tied to geofences and engine issues
  • Dealership tracking for easier maintenance and repairs
  • Integration into OEM telematics
  • Free driver app
  • FMSCA compliant ELD and HoS
  • $154 startup costs for the ELD
  • Monthly costs start from $14.95

Navistar OnCommand website

32. NexTraq

NexTraq delivers a fleet tracking solution complete with GPS, work management, ELD, and maintenance. Plus, this Michelin Group company has a nation-wide presence, for easy service and support.

  • FMSCA compliant ELD & HoS
  • GPS fleet tracking for fleet visibility
  • Productivity tools
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Dispatch management & backend management
  • Maintenance tools with scheduled inspections
  • Integrated routing
  • Job scheduling & boards

NextTraq website

33. Omnitracs

Omnitracs is one of the largest vehicle telematics companies in the world. In fact, the company tracks over 1 million vehicles across 70 countries, making it an ideal choice for large, multi-national fleets.

  • Route planning and optimization tooling
  • Business performance tools
  • Integrated logistics planning
  • Fleet safety with dashcams
  • GPS and fleet tracking
  • Open API
  • Full cloud infrastructure over 5G
  • Monthly costs from $23-$38 per month per vehicle, with addons available

Omnitracs website

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34. Onfleet

Onfleet is one of the few telematics providers to charge a flat rate rather than a fee per vehicle. That makes them especially affordable to small fleets.

  • Full dispatch management and optimization
  • No hardware needed; you use a mobile phone with GPS capability
  • No engine tracking data
  • Real-time vehicle tracking with proof of delivery
  • Integrated communication and dispatch
  • Task management & optimization
  • Route optimization with auto dispatch
  • Pricing from $350 per month for unlimited drivers

Onfleet website


ORBCOMM is made up of a merger of logistics management and telematics solution providers. These include Blue Tree Systems. Today, the company offers full-service logistics for maritime and air, with ground fleet tracking.

  • Satellite/Cellular data support for international fleets
  • Full maritime & air support
  • Complete logistics and distribution management
  • Refrigerated truck/reefer tracking with compliance data
  • ESCM & Tachograph solutions
  • Pricing customized to fleet size and type
  • A top choice for mixed, international fleets
  • Employee safety training & tracking

ORBCOMM website

36. OneView Pedigree Technologies

OneView by Pedigree Technologies is a telematics reporting app with accompanying hardware. The app is also considered one of the best ELD mandate solutions thanks to its driver-centric focus.

  • Pricing from $25 per month
  • GPS tracking with Asset tracking
  • Dispatch and routing tools
  • Work order support for truck delegation
  • Dashcams and driver safety management
  • FMSCA compliant ELD and HoS
  • Mobile tank monitoring for liquid transport
  • Tire pressure and engine safety monitoring

OneView Pedigree Technologies website

37. Quartix

Quartix delivers fleet tracking and telematics data to over 600,000 vehicles in the U.S. The company also offers a fully tamper-proof installation, soldered into place.

  • Live vehicle tracking with updates pushed every 60-120 seconds
  • Driver safety tracking
  • Dashcams available
  • Full engine data logs
  • Geofencing
  • Driver ID and Driver ID keys for theft prevention
  • Timesheets and Excel reporting

Quartix website

38. Rand McNally

Rand McNally launched in 1859 and has been selling GPS products since the 1980s. Now, the company delivers one of the most popular telematics systems in the United States.

  • FMSCA compliant ELD and HoS
  • Devices range from $149-$349
  • Plans cost $19.99-$24.99 per month
  • Real-time GPS tracking with geofencing
  • Offline modes with 6 months of electronic logs
  • Vehicle diagnostics and maintenance management
  • Driver safety with dashcam capacity
  • Multiple device options for fleets of different sizes

Rand Mcnally Website

39. Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking is a budget telematics solution focusing on GPS, eLogs, and maintenance. This makes it ideal for fleets of all sizes, but especially accessible to small fleets and owner/operators.

  • Live location tracking with GPS fencing
  • Monthly contracts with seasonal plans available
  • GPS tracking with hidden trackers available
  • Devices cost $39.99 each
  • Monthly costs range from $15.95-21.95 per vehicle
  • $25 per vehicle activation fee
  • Driver app
  • FMSCA compliant ELD

Rhino Fleet Tracking website

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40. Samsara

Samsara was founded in 2015 and now delivers telematics systems to over 15,000 customers. Additionally, Samsara provides a very highly rated solution for mixed fleets and reefers. This makes them a top choice for food transport fleets.

  • Fully cloud-based telematics
  • Safety optimization AI
  • Real-time route mapping & optimization
  • FMSCA compliant ELD and HoS
  • Workflows and task management
  • Free driver app
  • Environmental sensors and monitors
  • Integrated reefer management with compliance
  • Devices cost $199-$399 + service fees

Samsara website

41. Switchboard

Switchboard delivers advanced telematics to over 2000 North American fleets. The company uses a driver-centric approach focused on reducing costs, time expenditure, and routes.

  • Integrated driver training
  • GPS tracking with GPS fencing and notifications
  • Reefer management with compliance
  • Weigh station bypass
  • International ELD mandate compliance
  • Driver safety and dashcams available
  • Non-powered asset tracking
  • 7-year guarantees on all hardware

Switchboard website

42. Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman is comprised of fleet telematics companies, Teletrac and Navman. Together, they provide GPS tracking and ELD to thousands of fleets across the U.S. and Canada.

  • Highly suitable for large fleets with 1000+ vehicles
  • Costs from $25 per month with no startup costs
  • 3–5-year contracts
  • GPS fleet tracking with real-time alerts
  • IFTA fuel tax tracking
  • International ELD mandate compliance
  • Compliance and violation management
  • Uses Garmin GPS

Teletrac website

43. TitanGPS

TitanGPS uses advanced telematics to track multi-fleets in trucking, logistics, construction, and agriculture. Its full support of powered and non-powered assets, fleet cameras, and ELD compliance in the U.S. and Canada make it ideal for even the largest fleet.

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Pay as you go contracts
  • Driver safety tracking and dashcams
  • Driver tracking and scorecards
  • Productivity management tooling
  • Cloud reporting tools
  • Engine diagnostics and fuel tracking

Titan GPS website

44. Track Your Truck

Track Your Truck offers telematics reporting at an owner-operator friendly price. It also offers full ELD compliance and GPS to fleets of all sizes.

  • GPS tracking with real-time tracking
  • A range of sensors for temperature, driver ID, PTO, and starter disabling available
  • Trailer tracking
  • Prices start at $14.99 with free hardware
  • FSCMA compliant ELD solutions
  • Free mobile apps
  • Reports with up to 125 days of vehicle activity
  • Driver safety and dashcams available

Track Your Truck website

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45. Transflo

Transflo designed its first telematics technology in 2016 and has since gone on to be one of the largest ELD providers in the country. Additionally, ELD delivers complete work and mobility management solutions.

  • Budget telematics with FMSCA ELD
  • Hardware from $109.99
  • Software subscriptions range from $28-$31 per month
  • Full GPS tracking with Geofencing
  • Vehicle diagnostics with fuel usage data
  • Free driver app
  • Maintenance scheduling & Tracking
  • Work management apps

Transflo website

46. Trimble Fleet Management

Trimble delivers a dynamic fleet telematics solution. This is comprised of GPS, logistics management, personnel management, and much more. The company is one of the largest transport & logistics providers in the country with an incredibly large range of services.

  • FMSCA compliant ELD and HoS
  • Pricing from $1,200 per device
  • Contracts typically start at $43 per month but all rates are scaled to fleet size and services needed
  • Full-service telematics available
  • Fleet analytics
  • Extensive logistics and route planning software
  • People and work management tooling built in
  • Fully modular cloud software, with options to upgrade and expand

Trimble website

47. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect provides advanced telematics for thousands of fleets across the U.S. It’s also a full business and optimization management platform. Essentially, it’s designed to help mid-to-large fleets improve operations and cut costs.

  • GPS tracking with geofencing
  • Vehicle filtering and tracing
  • Dispatch solutions with AI and analytics
  • Alerts for driver security issues
  • Live driver coaching for improved safety
  • Field service management built in
  • ELD mandate compliant in the U.S. and Canada
  • Scheduling and job management built into the app

Verizon Connect Website

48. Webfleet

Webfleet uses its own software with TomTom GPS to provide advanced telematics services. The tool is used by over 50,000 U.S. customers and delivers award-winning solutions for big fleets.

  • Real-time vehicle tracking with tachographs
  • ELD compliant in the U.S. and Canada
  • Workforce management with time logs and workflows
  • Free mobile apps for drivers and dispatch
  • Trip management
  • Driver routing issues for traffic, weigh stations, and speed cameras
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Cloud application available on most devices

Webfleet website

49. Zonar Systems

Zonar delivers telematics reporting to some of the largest fleets in the U.S. It also offers functionality, including verified inspections and reports for route and delivery optimization.

  • Fleet optimization tools to improve asset utilization
  • In-cab driver monitoring tooling
  • Verified pre and post-trip inspection software
  • ELD mandate compliant
  • Open API
  • Costs are scaled to fleets but some quotes say $70 per month
  • Sensors and asset tags
  • Vehicle maintenance and health management
  • Freelancer management tools

Zonar Systems website

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50. Zubie

Zubie delivers an extensive telematics solution for rental and fixed fleets. Plus, with straightforward pricing and support for fleets ranging from owner-operator to 200+ vehicles, Zubie is popular with almost everyone.

  • GPS tracking and geofencing
  • Pricing ranges from $18-$27 per month
  • $399 charge for dashcam
  • Free app
  • Reports library
  • Trip history retention of up to 2 years
  • Maintenance management and algorithm
  • Sensors and asset tags

Zubie website

Telematics FAQ

If you’re buying a telematics system, chances are you have questions. This FAQ should help.

How does a telematics system work?

Telematics systems normally comprise two components. The GPS tracker and a cloud or asset tracking system. Most modern telematics systems connect to the vehicles built-in diagnostics via the OBD-II port. This allows the telematics software to read engine data. This can include driving speed, idle time, engine fault codes, etc.

Additionally, most telematics link to a cloud platform over WIFI, using a mobile SIM, or via Bluetooth. In this case, Bluetooth connects the system to the driver’s phone.

From there, different types of software use data in different ways.

What technology does telematics use?

Most telematics systems use a combination of GPS, on-board diagnostics, and connectivity. From there, the software and algorithms your telematics provider offers can vary a great deal. Some telematics provide very basic GPS tracking. Others apply algorithms and AI to optimize routes, fuel usage, or driver work management. Additionally, you might get telematics with sensors. These might include air pressure sensors, weight sensors, temperature management, etc.

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How do insurance companies use telematics?

Insurance companies use telematics to track vehicle activity at the time of an accident. For example, the speed, risk-inducing behavior, and any sharp or sudden turns that might have been taken by the driver. Most telematics companies record potential accidents and risky behavior. This means sudden speedups, hard braking, and sharp turns are all recorded. Additionally, many telematics solutions include dual cameras. The insurance company can see what the driver saw at the time of the accident. This can help you to greatly reduce the cost of insurance – because the provider knows they won’t pay out on a false claim.

Is Telematics a black box?

In most cases, yes. The engine diagnostics model you connect to the OBD-II port is also a “Black box”. That’s why telematics insurance is also called “black box insurance” or “Smart box insurance”.

How much does Telematics cost?

Rates vary a great deal. However, budget telematics typically cost $15-$20 per month. You should also expect $100-$200 in startup costs for hardware. Higher-end or larger brands normally charge more. In this case, you can expect an average of $50 per month. At the same time, telematics costs are dropping. In 2018, the average monthly cost of telematics was closer to $70.

What is Telematics used for?

Telematics systems help dispatch to manage vehicles, cut costs, and manage drivers. This works out to:

Truck management – Knowing where your vehicles are at all time

Route optimization – Optimizing routes based on real-time traffic, length of transit, etc.

Fuel optimization – Tracking idle time, speed, and other factors to reduce total fuel costs

ELD compliance – Providing eLogs for FMSCA compliance

Maintenance management – Track and schedule maintenance, integrating mechanics, and alerts for vehicle fault codes

Work management – Selecting drivers based on location and paperwork, choosing routes, sharing real-time locations with clients, etc.

Essentially, there’s a lot telematics is used for. The simplest provide security and route optimization. The most complex deliver complete logistics and work management tools.

Are telematics a legal requirement?

You’re not required to use telematics. However, you are required to have an ELD in the U.S. and Canada. This means you need the black box, connected to a device in-cab. And, if you’re collecting the data for Elogs and DVIRs anyway, you might as well stream it to a central location to optimize your fleet.

Can telematics save you money?

Telematics can save you money. However, in order to save money with telematics, you have to act on data. For example, many telematics providers quote customer savings of 20% in fuel usage. Achieving that means tracking fuel usage and implementing fuel usage reduction strategies. Similarly, telematics can reduce instances of theft. It might also reduce drivers using vehicles on their own time. However, seeing changes means creating new procedures and enforcing them.

Next Steps

Choosing between the many telematics solution providers can be difficult. While many stand out for specific types of fleets, others offer largely the same services. If you’re looking for telematics in trucks, we can help. Fill out the form at the top of the page and we’ll use your data to request customized quotes from providers that best-match your profile. Then, we’ll send you the top four, so you can choose the best rates, without spending hours contacting each provider yourself.

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